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What is your Creatine and Gfr level?

My TX was May, 2017 and although my creatine had been up and down it has been steady at 1.6 for a good 7 months now. My Gfr is 51 which kind of freaks me out because it means I am stage 3 kidney disease. I thought with a transplant I would go…

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4 Replies · Reply by Coravh 4 hours ago


Hi everyone. After six completed months of IVIG. I went today for labs and the numbers were horrible.


my creatinine level was 2.3

my BUN was 62

my C02 was 12

my anion gap was 14

Are the numbers that…

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I was wondering if anyone knows about this procedure. I am one yr post Kidney and cannot lose the extra belly I obtained through this process. I was thinking about coolsculpting my belly far above the incision line and where the new Kidney is…

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4 Replies · Reply by Michelle Navarra Sep 18

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