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Evusheld Booster

Hi Friends  I am due for my 6 month Evusheld booster this month.  I just received notice that my Transplant Clinic will not be offering this, as the new CDC guidelines in October suggested it will soon not be effective against new variants.  When I r

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1 Reply · Reply by Calvin Harris on Thursday

Please, help.

Hi, I am on dialysis and have noticed a little bit of hairloss. My hair used to be very thick now it's really thin and every time I brush a pile comes out. I'm a liver recipient (5 years now) and I'm on prograf 3 miligrams twice a day. I'm also on pr

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8 Replies · Reply by Barb Nov 4


Hi Guys,I hope all of you are wellI am a kidney transplant patient for 12 years now. I found a lymphnode under my armpit 3-4 days ago and extremely worried.I did my fbc and other tests.My leucocyte count was 14.45 and neutrophils 11.66.The doctor say

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7 Replies · Reply by Barb Nov 4

Life is good

Hello - I haven't posted here since 2016 ( 7 months post transplant). Since then my life has been great! I'm living it to the fullest. I'm in good health for a liver transplant recipient. My creatinine levels are a little high but my kidney doc says

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2 Replies · Reply by DanaW Oct 28


Hello Friends.  Has anyone yet received Evusheld injections for pre exposure prophylaxis for Covid?  I am 5 years post first kidney transplant and doing well. My transplant team just sent out a letter encouraging this.  I was just wondering if anyone

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19 Replies · Reply by India Rose Oct 4


I've known for 17 yrs. I have incurable PKD. I was told I'd die of an MI or stroke first. Now, I'm 68 approaching ESRD and learning (privately) that the longer I'm on PD (esp. NOT HD), the shorter life of any cadaver KTx will be! With B+ blood, I am

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12 Replies · Reply by Kidneyboy Aug 31


Hi all i I hope everyone is enjoying the summer.  I have been increasing my running at almost 2 years post kidney transplant. It's also hot as hell here. I've been doing some research but I'm also looking for some real world advice on increasing wate

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4 Replies · Reply by RVnut Jul 27


Hello friends! Is anybody taking Farxiga? My neph prescribed it; however, insurance denied it bc I am currently on immunos. Has anybody had any luck obtaining approval of this med?

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4 Replies · Reply by Edgar Jul 7

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