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moon face

how long for moon face to go away?? I was on a prednisone taper started with 80 mg and finally am down to 5 mg started taking them this week, but my face is still very puffy... I really miss my face:(

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Hi people, so I finished the plasmapheresis like four weeks ago. Right after I finished the last plasma I noticed I was not urinating well at home. My ankles, and knees swelled up. I went to ER and I received sodium bicarb. Doctors treated me…

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I am 5 yrs post kidney transplant (thanking God) and I have now had 2 separate episodes of vomiing/dirreahea ( 1 week apart).... my question is, " what happens to the pills as apparantely I vomited them up also?) 

Has this…

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Joint pain

18 months post Liver transplant with severe joint pain in hips all the time and knees when bearing any weight for even a short time. 
Rhuematologist says " nothing  can be done, you have "Polyarthritis".…

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5 Replies · Reply by Jeff Cutler Oct 28

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