1 year kidneyversary

Would love to share with you all that I completed one year since the kidney transplant last year... What a blessing it's been since then... Getting back to living again... Would like to thank my wife for the gift of life...A big thanks to transplant friends community for the support... Have learnt a lot from this forum...Cheers to life...

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  • Happy Anniversary Prakrit

    Many more healthy years for you

  • Congratulations one your first year. Your wife has given you the greatest gift, the gift of life. May Our Lord Bless you both. Enjoy, it’s been close to four years for me. My sister donated to me. I am thankful every day. Kate
    • Thank a lot Kate. 

  • Happiest felicitations to you! I remember that my first year was probably the hardest, so the one year mark can be quite a milestone. May you have many, many more years ahead of you in which you have many, many more reasons to rejoice!

    Warm regards,

    • Thank you Bobbiejo... Cheers to life...

  • Congratulations Prakrit! May you enjoy many, many years in good health.

    • Thank you so much KB... Cheerio...

  • Congratulations Prakrit! Hope it lasts you a lifetime. Enjoy!

    • Thanks a lot Rushi...

      • That 1st kidneyversary is special! Congrats and may you have many more healthy years. I named my new kidney Yankee by suggestion of my donor. 

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