20th Anniversary of my Liver Transplant Today

It's been a long journey to 20 years but not very bumpy. I have been blessed with relatively good health over all these years. I never ever thought I would live this long approaching 73 y/o the first of next year. We only eat organic food and I am transitioning to a vegan diet. Arnold Schwarznegger co-produced a great new documentary called "The Game Changers" explaining how and who vegan diets can help people to be healthier. It can't hurt to watch.:-)  I no longer ride Harleys anymore but still golf for exercise. 

We wish all wonderful health and happiness!

Best regards, to all,


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  • Fantastic, Dennis!! I am 66. I had my new liver 6 months ago. Things have been great so far! I'm always inspired to hear from the long timers! All the best to you!!

  • Congratulations. Great news and inspiration!

  • Congrats! I just celebrated my 1st year in February 2020! Your an inspiration!! I also switch to a plant based diet and after 8 years my cholesterol is within normal range w/the help of no meds just healthy eating!! 

  • Congratulations Dennis.  Yes I did watch the game changers and started vegetrian diet. I feel so good.  Within month my BP came down and weight reduced little bit.  

    • Great! My Dr told me that plant protein is good for Kidneys and recommended vegeterian diet.

  • Congratsulation Dennis,  I'm coming up on 16 years in June.  Doing  1/2 mg of Tac in am and 1 mg in pm,  trying to ge up the courage to try 1/2 mg for the evening dose as I've had a hard time going that low a couple years ago. At what year out from TX did you do you tapering down to your current dosing?  Dave

    • Are you allowed to adjust your dose?

      • Only when ordered by the doctor that prescribes your immunospression meds.is my thought. 

  • Dear Dennis,

    It is my pleasure to know  that  20 yesrs for liver translant for you , God bless you ,wish your Merry Christmas 

    luoming form China Beijing

  • Congratulations Maverick on a great milestone! May you enjoy many more celebrations in good health. Enjoy the Holidays!

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