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20th Anniversary of my Liver Transplant Today

It's been a long journey to 20 years but not very bumpy. I have been blessed with relatively good health over all these years. I never ever thought I would live this long approaching 73 y/o the first of next year. We only eat organic food and I am transitioning to a vegan diet. Arnold Schwarznegger co-produced a great new documentary called "The Game Changers" explaining how and who vegan diets can help people to be healthier. It can't hurt to watch.:-)  I no longer ride Harleys anymore but still golf for exercise. 

We wish all wonderful health and happiness!

Best regards, to all,


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  • Awesome news!! Many blessings to you!!

  • Congratulations!  God bless you. anyway , I would like to know, who is longest one did liver transition in world record ? pleaee let me know ,thanks 

    all the best 


    luoming in Beijing China

  • Congrats. Thanks for sharing this happy news! :-)

  • Nice!  Congrats!

    I look forward to that mark in 16 years.

    • me too I did liver transpation in 16 years  .shall we te be friend ? thanks for your reply 

  • Congratulations! That is inspirational. Hope you have many more.

  • Congratulations! A wonderful milestone to reach! May you find plenty of new inspiration and new blessings to make even brighter the following years, and may they be overly abundant and hopeful. 

    Warm regards,

  • Congratulations Maverick! May you enjoy the road ahead and I will check out both of "Karl's" new movies. We are made better by your experience.

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