6 Years today of Kidney Transplant

Hi All , 


Today , I have completed 6 years of kidney transplant. All reports in range 1.0 creatinine stable.  

Daily rouitne : Daily excercise for 1 hour ,  running and walking 2.5 miles ,  floor and robotic excersize. 6 hours minimum sleep.  No alcohol. Veg food , chicken bi weekly once.  Thats all... 


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  • I can't wait to be able to get back to exercising and being the old me. I had more energy and was way more active before my transplant. So glad your doing so good. 

  • Wonderful news, Congratulations!! I just celebrated my 13th year two months ago and so far, doing great but I do eat chicken and turkey at times. Mostly, seafood, fruits and no red meats.

    • Hearty congrats. Stay blessed

  • Congrats Manoj. Stay blessed🙏. 

    Do you eat everything of do you restrict proteins like dal rajmarg chhole etc. 

    My transplant was done 2 years ago. So many doubts yet in mind. So was asking. Pl reply

    • I eat everything in Veg ,  no restrictions from my Doctor.  Chiken I eat only once in a while . I focus on fruits in break fast.  Indian Chapati in Roti, White Rice, Daal,  Or Maxican food ,  Pizza anthing in  meal.  How ever daily excersize and meditation is in my schedule.  

      I avoid Sugray foods, Soda ,  Cold drinks  to keep my sugar in control.  Though I do not have any sugar or bp issues.  

      All the best. 



      • Thanks. Good wishes

  • Thank you all , take care. 


  • wow creatinine 1.0 is amazing!  congrats!

  • Congratulations and wish you a very long healthy life!

  • Wonderful news! May you continue to celebrate many, many more anniversaries in good health.

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