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Just on here for some help. My daughter had her kidney transplant 7 years ago when she was 3. She is turning 10 in a month. She has been doing absolutely amazing with no major hiccups. She is changing and starting to develop. And ever since this has been happening her creatinine has been climbing. We were told to go up on Her fluid intake which has brought her creatinine down ever so slightly. We are waiting for the antibodies blood tests to come back but she is also planned to have a biopsy next Friday. I am really shaken by it all. As they want to check for any sign of rejection. It's been picked up early and I'm praying if it is a sign that it can be reversed. She is well within herself. Full of energy no swelling. Blood pressure good. Worlds spinning atm. Anyone else gone through this ? She has camp in a week and a half. I don't know if they will allow her to go after a biopsy as I've read no strainuios activities for up to 4 weeks. This is goi f to upset her so much. Anyone else know of a younger person going through the same ? 

searching for help

despirate mother 



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  • Hello Lucy, 

    It seems not too long ago that you and your daughter were dealing with her Tx and all that it brings. I am glad to learn she has enjoyed a relatively healthy childhood and is grown to become a young lady. I am sorry issues are occurring now. Hopefully, she will be able to enjoy a stay at camp.

    In the future, you both may begin the next phase of a pediatric transplant recipient's life. Eventually, her doctors will begin searching for a replacement for the infant graft, though they likely coax much more time from it. The graft was adequate for her as a child, however, it does not grow with her to accommodate the filtering needs of an adult. This will certainly be quite some time in the future. 

    I have posted an article about the long-term care of pediatric recipients, from a reliable source, that is fairly easy to read. The good news is your daughter will be spared from a decade of dialysis and all that it brings to a child's development. I know of a few members, that have been through this process and can provide real experience. Perhaps they will chime in to help.

    I will hope and pray that you both stay well and happy, now and into the future 


    Norm (KB)

    Article FROM CJASN


    Long-Term Care of the Pediatric Kidney Transplant Recipient
    Pediatric kidney transplant recipients are distinguished from adult recipients by the need for many decades of graft function, the potential effect o…
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