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7 Years Tomorrow

October 26th 2009 I had my liver transplant. Neither Hep C or Cancer was defeating me. Today I write this while at work. I fish, I garden, I have watched my grandchildren make it to high school,I take care of a 30,000 sq. ft. building and 38 employees daily. I have afib and still take anti-rejection pill. Have been hospitalized 3 times for various things in 7 years but continue to keep moving forward and never looking back. We may have aches and pains and a little anxiety but we are alive to feel them all. God Bless everyone who donates life and everyone of you who share your stories here. We are like no others. Stay strong Stay healthy Stay true to yourself.

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  • AMEN!! So happy to hear!

    Keep up the awesome work!

  • That is great Mark, yes seven years. Many more to come I'm sure.
  • Just had my transplant 3 months ago and am feeling high energy . I can stay focused on my projects for hours, no shakiness anymore and my physical stamina is exceedingly increasing. Just doing what the doc says to do. Hydrate constantly. I am on 10 mg of prograf per day which is causing hair loss
    • Hey Janice
      Congratulations on your new liver. I also did 10 mg for almost a 1 1/2 years. No hair loss. High sugar though. Took insulin almost 2 years. Back to work full time 3 months after transplant. I was 52 now 59.I wish you all the good health you can handle.
  • That's fantastic. My 7th is Wednesday. Heart transplant. Keep the faith
    • Happy Anniversary to you as well!  May you experience many, many more in good health.

  • Happy Anniversary and Congratulations! Seven years is fantastic! You have a great positive attitude! I take the same small dosage of prograf. It can't get any smaller. Enjoy your anniversary and I wish you many more. 

  • Happy Anniversary!  May you enjoy many, many more in good health.  Thank you for sharing your experience and insight.

  • You only take 1 pill for anti-rejection?? Why only 1 & what is it?
    • Prograf 0.5 mg twice a day. I would say after taking for 7 years it is probably built up in my blood system. I take 2 other meds. for afib and high blood pressure. Plus some over the counter pills. Magnesium, calcium, aspirin and famotidine for heart burn/ indigestion. Took numerous meds. for 3 years after transplant including insulin for 2 years for high blood sugar. It does get better as the years pass, just do what the doc tells you.
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