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What do you think?

Hello, everyone.  I apologize in advance for the repetition of the beginning of this story.  Please bear with me.

I am almost 7 years post kidney transplant.  I am lucky in that I have not had any problems, really.  I take the usual cocktail of meds (

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10 Replies · Reply by MooseMom May 2, 2019

Not feeling so great

Hello all - 

I'm approaching my 1 year anniversary of my kidney transplant at the end of this month. 

Everyone told me how great I was going to feel not being in renal failure  so I've hung in there  thinking it's going to get better "soon" .  But that

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Hi friends, I've been feeling sad and down for the last two weeks... I've been anxious and worried. I think I am depressed but I never used to feel this way before.

could it be some medications? What can I do to feel better?


I am on

prograf 10 mg


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8 Replies · Reply by Barb Jan 8, 2019
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