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wasp sting

I had a liver transplant 2009.I take rapamune.Yesterday I gat stung by a wasp and I felt pain in my entire back and neck.Is this because I have no immune system?

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6 Replies · Reply by David Aug 18, 2014

food in your thoughts?

It doesnt matter what size I am through the years.....big, normal, small. There is one constant I think about food. I am not always eating but a good bit of the time I am thinking about yummy food. I will decide for example I want a type of…

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6 Replies · Reply by Nic Jul 14, 2014

Kidney chain

Anyone here get a kidney transplant though a kidney chain? Just looking to learn about it. There are so many people on this site with different stories that lead to their transplant. Looing to hear about this type of transplantation. 

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6 Replies · Reply by Rita Jun 27, 2014

Prograf and Diabetes

  I seem to have problems maintaining my sugar levels on prograf and it gets worse when my prograf dosage is increased occasionally ( when my liver enzymes go high for unknown reasons). It is a side effect of the medication for some and was just…

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30 Replies · Reply by Bon Mar 22, 2014
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