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18 Years Today!

Today is my 18th anniversary of my transplant.  I wrote a Discussion and posted it but it disappeared. So here we go again. Last year was a challenge but I am still going. I got new transplant drs close to home. I had been traveling to Salt Lake City

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10 Replies · Reply by Stephanie Nov 5, 2017


Hello Everyone,I am 1 yr post tx. I have recently been feeling unwell . Lots of fatique , tiredness and bodyache. Also feeling feverish and body chills. I am taking paracetamol for it . It does gets better with it but once the effect wears off , I st

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8 Replies · Reply by Soph Aug 1, 2017

Help My Friend

Hi Everyone!

I need your help, please read my friend letter, and if you can, help us.

"Dear all! I am looking for anyone who has undergone transplant amid high DSA readings. I have had my first full pulmonary transplantation in March 2014, but the orga

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