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a bit scared

I am noticing decreased urine output. What can cause this?


My hemoglobin was 10.1

I have my period.

My creatinine was 2

and my BUN was 56

I am going to see my doctor on Tuesday hopefully I feel better by then.

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  • I think I drink too much water way too fast. I am also exercising now but I make sure to stay hydrated. I am on a low sodium diet too. It could be any of these reasons. I drink about 3L or more every day. It’s too much? 

    • Everyone is different, as is their requirements, medications, and treatments. Adopting good routines allows you to eliminate causes when an issue arises. Investigating a problem is a process of elimination, usually done by your team, looking at test results and levels and focusing on any recent changes for direction.

      Your creatinine reading of 2 is a very low number, a reflection of your more than adequate hydration, with some possible ultrafiltration. You may eliminate fluid retention, as you are on a low sodium diet. At this point, your team would look toward less frequent causes like medication levels like Tacrolimus (FK), which, if high, will interfere with kidney function.

      You can examine test results and other factors, however, when you direct your team's attention to an issue, they will perform these investigations and if any changes are to take place, they will be formulated communicated by the team's instructions to you. Your numbers suggest you are doing very well and if you team recommends any changes, it will come from examining all factors.

      Try not to be consumed by any single result because it is just a "snapshot" in time, in an ever-changing environment.  Trying to "manicure" your results to align with a supposed "perfect" level is foolish. Confide in your Tx team with any issue, you find troubling, as they have the experience and knowledge to guide you, and know you best!  


  • A better question may be - How much fluid am I taking in? It would be difficult for output to exceed intake. Also, are you restricting sodium or sweating more because of Summer's heat.  All these affect outputs. I doubt there is a serious issue because your numbers look very good.

    Might I also suggest you write down questions for your doctor with the time before the appointment? My mind often goes blank when I meet mine, followed by a quiet "I'm fine" that emanates from somewhere. 

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