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Hello, My name is Christine and I am on the waiting list for a heart/liver transplant. I have cardiomyopathy. I was diagnosed in 1999 when I suddenly fell over while in mid sentence and simply died. I was saved because a friend breathed into my mouth until the paramedics arrived. They say I was gone for over 9 minutes. I was in a coma and when I woke up they implanted an ICD in my chest. I had good years and really bad years with my health since then. In January of 2010 I thought I had the flu and I couldn't get better. Then my cardiolost sent me the a lung specialist he then sent me to a Liver specialist and placed me in the hospital. My kidneys stopped working. The doctors put me on a dopamine drip and I started feeling better. Enough to come home and wait for a heart/liver transplant.

I worked in banking until 1999. I am a mother of 2 plus 3 step children that I help raise. I have 8 grand children and I live to see each of them. I have an awesome husband who never leaves my side. I went into cardiac arrest again in January of this year and I was went my hubby. He saved my life this time. Most people die the first time. I have lived through two sudden deaths. I believe God wants me here. I am concerned about receiving a heart/liver. Baylor Hospital has only performed one transplant like this and the man died 2 months after surgery. I trust my team of doctors though. I look forward to meeting many new people.

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  • Hang in there Christine, God is with you and he will provide you with your "hearts" desire.  You are a miracle walking and God is not done with you yet.  Take care and we are all praying for you.  Love Patricia

  • Christine:

    It is Miracles like you that keepme going.  We may all be different here in Transplant friends, but we are all the same too. We need help from others to further our lives and fulfil our dreams(ie: seeing your grandkids) We all have those dreams no matter how different they be. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family. Keep your chin up and look forward to the good times while still remembering the strugles. I will keep you in my prayers.

  • Hey again Christine, I was transplanted at the Texas Heart Institute, St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital, Houston, Tx. The centers number their people and I am #148 while they are up to over a 1000 now. People like us may not remember the "normal health status" and must find that new normal. That is a function of long term and that is where we are, in it for the long term. We find what works for us and learn to live within those boundaries. The beauty of boundaries is we can sometimes change them based on how we feel sometimes. I know people who have lung transplants and my wife has a relative who I visit with at family reunions who has a heart lung transplant. I don't remember when I first met him but it has been a long while. He lives in Arkansas by the way. This journey may seem complicated and the timing of events may have obstacles but that does not mean they are insurmountable. It means that have to be tackled mentally and best physical effort you can bring to it.

  • Wich Baylor Hospital? Dallas? I had been told my cardiologist many years ago that I need a transplant. Actually she called us with the new as the day before I got married.  I have been sick on/off most of ny life. was born with a heart with a very interesting back ground.  (that is another story) i went through all of the testing at Medical City and after the testing, I was informed i needed a heart/Lung transplant. I then had to start in square one again at St. Paul/UTHSC in Dallas. The surgeon was great. when I met him, I found lout thathe is the partner of the pediatric cardiac surgeon that did my 2 previous surgeries. He was able to go back and read the reports and actually talk to his partner about my case. I did not have to hav e the lung after all. I knew I was doing good as soon as I woke up in ICU. I was burning up and wanted the covers off me. Prior to that I was always freezing cold.  At Baylor they may not have done many combine transplants, but you will be one of many to come in the future.

  • Hey Christine, let me say I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy in 1984 and received my Heart Transplant in 1986. That is 25 years so far and looking forward to the 26th celebration. I arrested in 1986 and was sustained by my wife in 1986 with cpr until ems arrived. I totally understand your comments. I believe God wants me here and I believe he wants you here. It is important to have confidence in your doctors, hospital, medications, and procedures. These things change and improvements are made and your confidence can shift with these changes. Your have a job and that is to keep focused on your transplant goal and keeping yourself in the best mental and physical shape you can until transplant. This is a journey where you participate in a huge way. The mental aspect can take a toll but you have God's Grace with you at all times.

  • Hi Christine,

    See you have not posted in a while. How is it going? Am praying for you to have a good outcome.


    Debbie Koski

  • Christine,

    I  pray  you  get  your  GIFT OF  LIFE  soon  so you  can  go  back  to enjoying  your  family!!

     We  are  here  for you!!


  • Hi Christine,

        If you need a friend I am here for you as are many others. I inherited cardiomyopathy from my dad and experienced chest pain and shortness of breath due to the disease and Received a heart transplant on October first 2005. I am sorry for your difficulties and am praying for you. Sending loving thoughts and hugs your way.

  • Christine, you are a miracle in action and I pray for you to receive your gifts soon! Sending love and light and strength as you wait.
  • Is there any interest in doing a liver transplant separate from heart? Or do they want them both together since you are higher risk? Liver is something I am looking to possibly be a donor for. I know that they do partial livers because they will grow back.
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