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I am respectfully requesting that members post stories of their life with a Tx. All too often members post about their issues and do not share about life with a Tx, which is why our founder, Hostess Rise created this site, to support and provide information. I am requesting members also post about their miracles, their successes, and their triumphs in returning to health. Please post your stories and let others celebrate your victories, milestones, even challenges. Even if you haven't posted before or just comment on your Tx date and how you feel, I know members would love to hear from you! 

Be Proud and Shout it out!

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  • I have had a kidney transplant for 20 years. Have a full time job. Take flu shot every year, had Covid-19 boost shot on September this year, pneumonia vaccine every 5 years, drink 1-2 liters of water everyday, never skip medications, exercise 3-4 days every week, have balanced protein diets. 

    Best wishes to all. 

    • Thank you, Joan ...wishing you a wonderful holiday season!



      • Hi, Kidneyboy: 

        Thank you. Wish you the best!

  • Hey all - In 1975 at the age of 9 I was diagnosted with Type I diabetes and was insulin dependent until my kidneys failed.  I live in Illinois but the hospitals in Chicago had 5+ years waiting lists.  I went to University of Wisconsin Hospital and was called to come for transplant 24 days later.  October 26, 2002 I had a successful simultaenous Pancreas-Kidney transplant.  I just celebrated 20 years post transplant.  All my labs are great except for A1C which is rising due to chronic use of prednisone - currently 6.4.  Other than that (knock on wood) here I remain.  I do my part to stay healthy and I have been compliant with my meds and all doctor's orders.  It's not simple to live with a transplant but it isn't hard.  I know if I could do it anyone could.

    • Thank you, Hope, for posting. An A1c of 6.4 is great! I hope and pray you enjoy many, many years in good health. Great work!

      • Thanks Kidney Boy - I wish the same to you.


  • Well you know my story already but for those that don't know I am a true miracle of God. I had my transplant in 2017

    2021 started with Shingles then found out I had Testicular Cancer,,had 2 bouts of Cdiff,Sepsis,and a small stroke at the end. I was hospitalized from Jan 1st to April 28 and lost 60 pounds. I had to learn to walk again and had to wear pampers up until 2 months ago. 

    Right now my Kidney is sitting at 1.6 ( which is actually good after all  I have been through and is being monitor closely) and I'm walking,driving and started to gain weight. This experience made me a believer of God and I thank him everyday. 

    • May you continue to improve every day! I know you had a rough start and I pray you to enjoy better health for many, many years to come. You deserve it for all you have been through. You ARE a miracle and an inspiration!

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