Hi, everyone

I have had a kidney transplant since May 2010. I take Prednisone, Neoral and Imuran. Last year in May I had some benign endometrial polyps removed and was advised to take Duphaston to prevent their reoccurence. It gave me terrible abdominal pain, bloating and sleep disorders, so I stopped taking it. In January 2019 they removed benign endometrial polyps again and I was advised to get a Mirena IUD installed, and I did. It gave me the same symptoms as the Duphaston, so I had it removed after 10 days. All this time (since august 2018) I've been experiencing bloating, abdominal and pelvic pain and trouble sleeping, despite taking antibloating pills and sleeping pills. I also noticed that my heartrate goes up to 100 after I eat and my bloodpressure goes down, so that I need to lie down (sitting up) and rest after every meal.

I had an endoscopy, a colonoscopy and a CT of the bowels, and they only found some benign polyps in the duodenum. I took Pantoprazole, but it didn't help much. I also follow a strict diet meant to prevent the bloating. The gynecologist says the pain is not gynecological. The nephrologist says the kidney is fine, except for a UTI every now and then, which I have treated. The gastroenteerologist recommended antispastics, which constipated me and made me feel worse.

Has anyone else been in this situation or had any of these symptoms? What did you do to fight them and be able to sleep well and have a normal life?

I am desperate and don't know what to do any more. Please help me! 


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  • You may need to check if you are allergic to some food such as rices, milk, or flours.

    wish you the best. 

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