Have any of you had this test? My creatinine level started going up and doc ordered this test called "dd cfDNA".  Anything below 1.0% is considered good.  My level was 1.2%.  Kidney transplant 6/11/2017.  I'm sure my nurse will call tomorrow (6/26/19) but meanwhile I wonder if anyone has had this experience.  I suspect a biopsy is in my future to rule out rejection.  Such a surprise and so scary!.. I thought I had been doing so well...

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  • Hello Anna, 

    My creatinine also started going up in APR 2019. And so I had anti-hla antibody and BK virus test done in ealry MAY 2019. All test resuts came out negative but doctor wanted to have biopsy in which they found kidney inflammation due to very low dose of prograf.  Doctor changed my medicine and looks like it is working so far. 

    I am sure you will be fine with some changes in medicine.  Best of luck.



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