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I had a kidney tx almost 5 years ago and am doing well.  I've not suffered any major side effects from the meds (the usual trio of prograf, tac and pred), but I am having problems with inner temperature control.  I seem to always run hot.

I live in Chicagoland which gets very cold in the winter.  But when I go to bed at night, I have to shut the vent located next to the bed, crack a window AND turn on the ceiling fan because while I may be chilly at first, by the time I awake in the morning, I'm hot and sweaty.  My husband, of course, is freezing.  As soon as he leaves for work, I turn down the thermostat from 68F to 66F and crack various windows in the house.  The furnace is located downstairs in the laundry room, and it gets so hot down there (hot to me) that I try to spend as little time down there as possible.

Another example:

We often holiday in Northern Michigan in the summer on the Lake Michigan shore.  Before my transplant, I found the water to be a bit too cold for my liking.  My husband was always nagging me to join him in the lake, but it was really uncomfortable.  This past summer, it was ME who spend all day in the lake while my husband complained about the cold water.  And HE is from Chicago, but I now tolerate the cold much better than he does.

Last night I had a glass of wine with dinner, and it made me so hot that I had to take a walk outside.  It was 26F, and it felt glorious.  Husband would not come along...too cold.

I don't think anything is "wrong", and I feel fine otherwise, and I am sure this is all due to the meds.  Fair enough.  If this is the worst thing I have to deal with, I'm laughing.  But I am very curious to know if this is something that any of you have experienced.

Thank you for any replies.

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  • i joined the forum as I saw this post! Just the same as you! I always used to be cold before my kidney transplant almost two years ago but now I'm the opposite. I get so hot sometimes especially if I'm walking and using energy. After eating or just for no reason at all. I can be out in a t shirt in the snow. Last Summer was awful at times. So I'm trying to devise a strategy for this Summer. Putting a face cloth in freezer and putting on neck. Just anything where I can put some ice cubes around my neck! Anything to stop the rapid heat that suddenly appears. My transplant consultant says it's the Prograf. However a word of warning if you find that this is worst at night and you get absolutely soaked then this needs checking out. We are at risk of lymphoma -which I had before transplant - from the transplant drugs. So heavy sweating at night which needs a change of clothes and sheets needs a definite trip to your transplant clinic.
    Also I can be sitting in a restaurant and I also have to go outside and I'm only drinking water!
    • Thanks so much for your reply!!!!  It can be 20F outside, but if I am inside doing housekeeping chores, I start to sweat.  And then I have to stand outside to cool off!  It DOES sound like you are experiencing the same type of thing.  And thank you for the warning about lymphoma.  I am aware of our heightened risk, but fortunately I don't sweat so badly at night that I have to change bedclothes.  I turn on the ceiling fan, open the window a bit and keep the bedroom door open so that air can more easily circulate.  Again, thanks so much for sharing your experience!

  • Interesting. Has this been ongoing since the transplant? And it only happens around night time? How do you feel during a hot day/afternoon? 

    • Yes, only since the transplant, but it can happen any time I am working in the house or am walking around a museum!  For example, it will be cool or even cold outside, and I may be walking and decide to go into a shop.  As soon as I get inside, I start to sweat.  If I am meeting a friend, I will try to get there a few minutes early so that I can sit down and cool off before s/he comes in.  It's rather embarrassing.  As for how I feel during a hot day, I expect to feel hot if I am outside, so I don't really think about it (although wearing sunscreen makes me feel even hotter!), but indoors I have on the A/C AND fans.

      • For a few months after my transplant, I always woke up sweating. My doctors said it was the meds, and my body adjusting to everything. It did go away. 

        I have no clue about your experience. Sounds frustrating. What have your doctors said? 

        • I have not mentioned it to my doctors because I've always assumed it was the meds.  I remember that during the days right after my tx while I was still in the hospital, I'd get so hot, so much so that I'd keep asking the nurses to turn down the thermostat in my room.  A new nurse would come in and would invariably say, "It's so cold in here!"  They did say that it was the tac, so I've just always supposed that it was one of those side effects that I'd have to live with.  And I am.  I'm not complaining; I'd rather be a bit "temperaturely challenged" than to not have a new kidney.  I was merely curious if it was "only me"!  I am glad that your body has adjusted better to the meds. 

  • It might be due to drugs that can disturb the sugar levels and can cause temporarily hormonal imbalance because feeling hot in Chicago winter is not normal 

    • Oftentimes after, say, doing housework, I will have to step outside to cool off!  No one should be working up such a sweat after mopping the floor or making the beds.

  • My husband has this issue too and he says he feels internal heat. he is a kindey transplant 1.5 years post transplant now. And when  he does not drink it is worse. I get soo cold here in detroit but winter is perfect for him. 

    • Oh,, that's interesting! 

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