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  • Hi I haven't heard about the artificial kidney. It seems that doctors would be able to do more kidney transplants and save more lives that way. Like most things it will probably take years before the government approves something like that. If and when they to it would be a great thing.

    • I believe this implant is meant as a temporary replacement for dialysis (much like PD dialysis) rather than an alternative to a Tx, for patients to remain more active 

    • As i understand in most countries there is a shortage of kidneys - As transport (self driving cars) and life in general for most people is safer the less donors and just the fact that people/families dont donate  organs when they die

  • same as the artificial heart -- not as great as it was hoped --- More of a last resort due to all the complications and size. I think with population growth, funding cuts to universities, climate change, cut to hospitals, increase in medication  price etc that we will get pushed to the fringe and not as important to save or to improve our lives. 

  • They've been saying good news for almost 20 years now. Even in the best case it will be around a decade before the public can get it.

    And even then will only a few be able to afford it??
    • Hope has no expiration date.  Advances paid for by our experience will someday save someone else all we have endured ( I do agree progress can be painfully slow, I was told cloning kidneys would be available by the millennium.)

      • In 1980 they said we'd having robot maids & flying cars by the year 2000!!
  • Very good news. Thank you.
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