I am thinking of changing careers.  Considering nursing, but it seems like it might be risky as far as bodily fluids, contagious illnesses, viruses, etc.  How many of you out there work in this field and especially how many of you work in the hospital setting in these or similar fields?  If it isn't a good idea then I should try to find something else, however, it is one of those careers that when you study for it you know exactly what job to look for once you graduate!  As opposed to having a broader degree in where you need to look at a wider field of job openings.  I of course need something that is stable, with good insurance.  I am single and cannot rely on a spouse's policy.  I have to be able to take care of myself for a long time.  I unfortunately do not have any children so stability and pay are pretty important for my future.  Just wondering if any of you have dealt with many illnesses while working in the field, etc.  Also, now that we are in the covid age I have to admit that I am wondering if certain employers would not want to hire me knowing that I have a transplant and that I am immunosuppressed, etc.  I am not worried about this only in the healthcare field either.  I have heard that some employers don't want to hire someone they worry might be having to leave work for lots of appointments or illnesses.  Not trying to be pessimistic, because it really doesn't matter in the long run!  I mean, they will do whatever they do!  And I will just have to cross that bridge when i get there.  But I was wondering what you thought about these things.  Thanks so much for any information you might have.  Love to hear from you.

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  • I am a nurse with a transplant for 12: years, my employer has allowed me to work from home since March due to the pandemic. My physician will not let me return just yet in order to keep me safe. 

    • Juan Carlos,

      Thank you so much for writing me.  I don't know why I didn't see my updates, I guess I wasn't looking closely enough!  I am glad you were able to continue working.  Have you ever had any issues with getting insurance through your employer's health plan due to having a transplant?

      • Hi,

        I have never had any issues and didn't disclosed my situation with anyone until it was necessary. An employer cannot ask you for medical questions or tests until an oficial offer of employment has been extended to you. 

  • I am a nurse with a transplant for 12: years, my employer has allowed me to work from home since March due to the pandemic. My physician will not let me return just yet in order to keep me safe. 

  • I am a nurse with a transplant for 12: years, my employer has allowed me to work from home since March due to the pandemic. My physician will not let me return just yet in order to keep me safe. 

  • 1. I have worked in the ER of a hospital for almost 16 years. I had kidney TX in 2001.

    2. Most contagious diseases are caused by direct contacting. You'll be fine if you wear the gloves and wash hands. You need to wear mask, face shields, or gown if it's airborne like coronavirus patients. 

    3. You don't need to tell your employer about your health.  It's not required and it's HIPPA. 

    4. I don't tell anyone at work about my TX. I work hard. Everyone at work think I'm a super strong woman. 

    5. After interview and you are hired, you'll need to have a physical exam at occupational health department. All of your health information is sealed in occupational health department. No one can access to it. 
    Take care. 

    • I totally understand why you don't tell people about your transplant.  No one I worked with for years had any idea I was stage 4 kidney disease and when I was in failure and kept working I didn't even let anyone know until I had to ask for kidney donations!  I am a little worried about catching something, but I think the other worry is that I might not have the energy required to work a 12 hour shift.  I used to have a ton of energy.  I am more tired now with the transplant than I was when I was on dialysis.  It is all the medication I think.  Anyway, I just don't know if it is worth it to go back to school if i don't know how I will do.  My biggest fear is insurance though.  Have you ever had any problems getting insurance through your companies plan or with disability or needing time off for appointments or anything?  Thank you so much for writing me with all this information!!!!!!!

      • I am working for a big health care organization with 8-10 hospitals. They offer health insurance for everyone. It's a discrimination if they don't offer health insurance with people who have preconditions. 

        I'm tired all the times if I don't do exercises. 

        • before the transplant i was a group fitness instructor.  i was still in pretty good shape, but when i got on dialysis it was getting harder due to all the muscle loss and loss of strength.  i have been so tired since the transplant and have not gone back to teach classes yet because I cannot get insurance through the gym. i need a full time job that offers insurance first and then i can finally go back to teaching maybe 2 classes a week.  that is my plan at least.  at one point i was strong enough to teach 10 classes a week on a regular basis.  (sometimes 13)  some of them were circuit weight classes and others were kickbox and cycle and step.  but then even when i was on dialysis i was able to teach around 7 a week.  but i am still on a lot of drugs right now.  i got a hint of bk virus detected at the 2 month mark.  then the next blood test it had jumped pretty high so they finally lowered my cellcept.  then again.  then went up on my prograf.  then lowered cellcept again. then took my off cellcept.  then too me off belatacept.  i finally had a little moe energy which was nice for a change and i was able to exercise a little more.  but then finally they have gotten me back on belatacept and cellcept but still also on prednsione and prograf.  they will not let me get off of prednisone which is what i wanted off of at the two month mar btt they said they could never take me off of it because i needed to be on it with the bk virus for inflammation.  anyway - they were going to get me off of it as soon as bk went away but now they say it has been too long and i will always have to stay on prednisone for the rest of my life.  i think that is one of the things that makes me really tired because it depletes my muscles so much and makes it hard to build muscle too.  but it is a combo of all of them.  i just don't think i need as much immunosuppression as other people and it seems obviious to me because i wouldn't have developed bk virus if i had not been over immunosuppressed in the very beginning you know?  if i can get off the prograf like say they will eventually let me and maybe they can lower my cellcept then i feel like i will have the energy to work and will also be able to exercise more.  i am glad to hear about your employer.  i had read somewhere that an employer does have the right not to hire you according to your illness though.  at least here in georgia where it is a right to work state.  that is reasurring.  thank you so much.  and congrats on your trnapslant!

  • I am trying to get back into the medical field. I am just looking at jobs not at clinics or pediatrician offices. I figure that would put me at to much of a risk. I feel if you do all the right precautions you can work anywhere. 

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