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I'm sure I've asked this before, but what is the usual timeframe for a transplant patient to reach a creatinine baseline?   It will be 1 year in Febuary since I had mine, and I've had levels run from 1.35 to 2.02.  My last labs  creatinine was at 1.9 and my TX team said was ok. I worry about it, as well as every pain,etc. I'm told not to worry so much because stress can hurt.

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  • Sounds about right for me.  Usually been around 1.6 lately and I am now 4 years out (time flies).

    I had Liver Tx but was also on Heart list (off now) and CKD Stage 3 like most so I follow a Kidney diet as my baseline and add/delete nutrients from there.  Low sugar, very low Potassium.  I am on 2mg Tacro BID, which may be getting titrated down a bit in 6 months so the less meds the better as well.

    Oh and I still get pain.  I always have, kind of like a big cramp, that I can usually see it when contracted.  Not often but had a few over last week. 

  • Mine starting stabilizing after about 18 months.

  • Everyone is different. In my case, I finally hit relative stability starting at some time around 18 - 24 months out. Until that point my cr was bouncing up and down. I don't really remember when because I got my kidney in 2002.

    I know it's hard to be patient, but some stability will come.

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