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Immunosuppression regimens based on belatacept rather than cyclosporine are associated with better 7-year outcomes among kidney transplant recipients, according to final results from BENEFIT, a phase 3 study.

Results showed a significant 43% reduction in the risk of death or graft loss in both of the belatacept treatments when compared with the cyclosporine group, the investigators reported in The New England Journal of Medicine (2016;374:333-343). The less-intensive and more intensive belatacept groups had a significant 45% and 38% decreased risk of death, respectively, and a 41% and 44% decreased risk of graft loss, respectively, compared with the cyclosporine group.

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    • Even though this was reposted from a reliable source, not all parameters were cited.  I believe no particular group was studied and this was published to compare Belatacept to other treatment regimes, in general.

  • I am very happy on Bela. Just completed a 2 year study of patients that start on the traditional cocktail (Tac, Myfortic and Pred) and switch to Bela, replacing Tac, to sustain. Happy to hear that the longer term outcomes are so good. I have no side effects at all from Bela - as opposed to all sorts with Tac. It also does not have the adverse cardiovascular, renal and liver impacts of Tac (different active mechanism). It has become so popular that there is currently a shortage and I had to register with the manufacturer to guarantee supply. The manufacturer is working on a new process to increase capacity and cut the lead time for manufacture (something like 9 months right now).

    Of course, this is just my anecdotal experience. We are all different and react differently. Right now I take my meds and feel no different than I did without them prior to transplant. 

    • Hi. Great to hear your outcome!  My doctors are putting me on Bela in a couple of months. I too had to register with manufacturer to guarantee a supply. My doctors are telling me they r hopeful that this treatment versus the prograf and myfortic will give me a better outcome. I am one yr post tx and creatinine is 2.0. I was wondering are u still on low dose of prograf and myfortic?  Told me I would be put on hi dose of cortisone too for a while. I’m concerned for side effects etc. thank u! 

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