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Belly bloating after renal transplant

Hi there,

Well its been 10 months since my renal transplant, gee time goes quickly. I remember being on here in the early days worried about creatine level fluctuation, pro biotics and returning to work. Always good advice from you all.

This time I have some trouble with belly bloating. Does anyone have any tips of how to manage or know what the causes can be. I don't have any pain, just bloating.

I take prograf, myfortic and prednisolone, bactrim, and an antacid. I understand pred causes some of this, but wanting to know if certain foods causes more bloating?

Anyway thanks again,


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  • I'm bloated terribly. I'm a relatively slim person otherwise (well I used to be before this big belly). I've noticed in the past 4-5 weeks I've had a TON of bloating. I'm regular with my bowels, I don't eat any gassy food  alcohol or carbonated beverages  I don't consume much dairy, so I don't know what it is. It's really embarrassing though :(  I feel like I went from a fresh faced, full thick hair, fit person to a lumpy middle aged person with limp hair, very pale skin and a middle-aged gut. I don't know if I'm allowed to take probiotics to counteract the effects of the daily Bactrim and the huge slam of azithromycin every time I go to the dentist, but maybe that would help if your doctor allows? My kidney was very big on my small framed body and they put it over my muscles from what I understand  so that lump is always going to be there, which I can live with.. It's the gut that starts under my ribs and makes me look 6 months pregnant that's upsetting. Best to you!! 

  • I am 7mnths post transplant having same issues. Is there any solution for this?

  • Hey Lisa! Me two.. I’m one year and still have bloat .. even went to plastic surgeon for evalnof cool sculpt since I never had a belly ..

    he said the muscles were cut and weakened the support therefore causing a larger belly..grr

    trying to eat healthy and work out but still frustrating.. 

  • Hi can anyone tell me why I am bloated on dialysis I was all fine no fluid or food restriction I used to bring 2 lightsaber fluid and any kin!d of food so why am I bloated now after transplant my gp thinks its ibs so hope I will get some advice from you friends 

  • Lisa dear it could be ibs have you been to your gp try some laxatives and see how you feel sometimes it takes time I m too bloated but I also have got dyspepsia so I am waiting for a scan of a tummy to find out for ulcer or a thing I have mild gastritis too so see if you can get a scan from your gp 

  • Hi I have had a kidney transplant 1 month ago and ever since I have had bloated stomach has anyone else got bloated tummy I also got dyspepsia so I m worried now has anyone else experienced this I don't know if I 've got ibs my gp gave me meds for ibs  please let me know thanks 

  • Hi Christi,
    Tummy is are good now, a combo of all that everyone here said e.g. Meds, certain foods and I count my calorie intake which helps to maintain healthy weight. My pred is now down to 5 which helps.
    My hair fell out also for about 4 months, 3 months after surgery but it has grown back nicely. I was a bit worried as don't have much hair to start with lol.
    Thanks for your response and interest.
  • Hi Lisa,

    This is common from my experience.  When I was 28, I lost hair and had bloat - not a terrific look.  My nephrologist told me by body just went under major trauma and it takes a while for the entire body to recover from the surgery.  I received a very big kidney so it did stick out a little but I got my hair back.  I  would like to hear how you are doing now.


  • Hey Glenn T. Thanks for that. I think that's the case for me. I notice after eating certain things it is worse also. My specialist said the same so did GP. GP also said due to taking bactrim still and had to take another cause of a different antibiotic for an infection stuffed the flora in the gut plus constipation from taking iron supplements. The joys of transplants, but can't complain as life is pretty good. Thanks again, Lisa 

  • Prednisone caused that on me for two years. It finally subsided after that. Don't eat a ton of food even though you may want to from the falsified urges you get from Prednisone. Mixing different foods together too because your cravings change from Prednisone can cause it too.  But Prednisone just causes that feeling.

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