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Biotin Supplements for Hair Loss Due to Prograf

Hello everyone,

I have been asked about hair loss/thinning from using Prograf. I know some of you have found success adding a Biotin supplement to your medication regime. I would ask you to comment on the brand/dosage you found that works for you and if you had any side effects from using it. Your response will be greatly appreciated by those who asked and for my knowledge.. I do not plan to start using one. (once I turned sixty, I saw no need and yes, my hair is baby fine and grey, almost invisible.)



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  • I have used Biotin along with CoQ10 for the last 3 years - no problems and great hair!

    • Many thanks, Bettylou! I hope you are well. 

  • Hi Norm!

    I have taken one 10,000 mcg tablet of Biotin daily since December 2016. I had my transplant April 2016 and noticed hair loss a couple months post transplant, so I started taking it (on the advice of my transplant coordinator) and I have a nicer head of hair than I've had in years. No side effects whatsoever I'm pleased to say. The thing is, you have to be faithful to taking it daily. It will work! One holdover for me from taking Tacrolimus are headaches. Ugh! Oh well! At least I'm alive. 



    • Thank you, Nancy! Tacrolimus has all sorts of "party favors" for those who take it. I always suggest adhering to the "12-hour rule," that is to try to keep blood draws as close as possible to 12 hours from the last dose, which will produce an accurate blood level reading. Even a small reduction in dosage will lessen the side effects. Again, thank you for the reply!

  • Hi Norm,

    I just got switched to prograf going on 2 weeks now. I was already having hair loss issues due to my Allopurinol for my gout though. I have been using Nature's Bounty Extra Strength Hair, skin, and nails that are  Argon oil infused for a few years now.  It has really seemed to help. I take 3 pills a day, I split mine up where I take 1 in the morning and 2 at night.  I haven't noticed any type of side effects.  I'm hoping by already being on this It will help with any hair loss from the prograf. I usually buy my HSN vitamins at Walgreens bc you can usually catch them for Bogo free! Hope this helped!


    • Thank you so much!

    • Thank you for the reply. Know that this side effect levels off after a few months and will also lessen as doses drop(around 3 months too.) Between Txs, my hair loss stopped about a month after I was taken off Prograf (tacrolimus.) It is reversible/controllable. Thanks again!

      • hi i am 6 months post kidney and liver transplant i take 8 mg of tacrolimus a day i had very thin hair after 3 months and brittle nails that kept breaking,  i started taking biotin supplement 10,000 mg every day and use biotin shampoo has made a big difference.  hair stopped falling out and is getting thicker, also nails stopped breaking and are growing long  i am still on the tacro. hope this helps

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