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Blood in urine

Hello all, 

It's been 7 years since my kidney transplant. For the last 8 months, there would be trace of blood in the urine seen under the microscope. I dont see it visibly but the results haven't been cleared. My doctor wants me to get some tests done and a CT scan soon. Has everyone experienced this? I'm pretty nervous over the outcome. From a traumatic experience, I always seem to link symptoms with cancer.. Anyways, does anyone know what can cause this? It started last November. Thank you. 

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  • Great news! May God bless you with a healthy and long innings

  • Update: I had the CT scan done today after all those months. Finally mustered up the courage to go checked it out. Well, it seems everything is normal from the scan. Thank you all for your responses!

    • Great news. 

      • Hello and ty!!!

    • Wonderful news! I hope and pray for you to enjoy continued good health for many, many years to come.

      • Thank you. Its been a while since Ive heard from you :) I hope youre doing well!!


  • Especially because it's microscopic, the likelihood of it being a nothing-burger is very high. It could be nothing other than a slight irritation. Keep up with your docs, but try not to worry.

  • little RBC in urine is not a serious problem.  some doctors advice Kidney biopsy

  • I hope you are fine now  .. I had a same issue but it is on and off.  My doctor told me that it is okay as long as no protein leakage is happening. 

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