• I was taking nortriptyline for my trigeminal pain and was having protein 2+. Nortriptyline took care of protein. Now I'm protein is negative. Please look into that and talk to your doctor before taking this.

  • Recently i have blood in my urine but not protein and my nephrologist gave me antibiotic. I took it for 10 dys.

    • Do you find any pain while urine and what doctor told you why this was happened 

      • Yes theres a pain. He said infection. Thats it what he told me. Ask your doctor too.

        • Thanks for the reply

          • I am 3 year post transplant person. Last year noticed symptoms of UTI. Painful urnination and blood in the urine. I was hospitalised for 4 days. CT scan revealed infection on the transplanted kidney. 3 weeks antibiotics treatments cleared it and was okay.

            • But I am not having any painful urination and blood but in test in microscopic it is showing some blood.Doctor has adviced me to have some test like KFT, CREATININE RATIO, URINE CULTURE and DOPPER TEST.I think this should be cure by antibodies medicine.

              • My MICROALBUMIN CREATININE RATIO is 1090.27. Please help someone and do let me know about this.

                • I had a microalbumin creatinine ration inthe 1700s recently, and now for the past few months, the increasing protein in my urine has been such that the ratio result is said to be unable to be calculated. The cause behind mine could be different than yours, but I wanted to let you know that you are not alone. My nephrologist had thought about putting me on a blood pressure medication to help, but he decided against it because I already have a low blood pressure and trouble with getting enough hydration. For now, he is just monitoring me through my monthly transplant labs. My other bloodwork related to my kidneys has been fairly good although it has been slightly creeping up this past month or two, yet still not enough yet to take action. The nephrologist says this is just caused from being on the immunosuppressant tacrolimus for so long (over 15 years).  A kidney was not part of my transplant. If my other kidney numbers do get a lot worse, then he will probably try to get me on another immunosuppressant. I do not know if any of this would apply to you, but I thought I would share just in case. I think Kidneyboy has great advise about trusting your transplant team. I hope you can get some answers soon. I wish you well.  

                  Warm regards,

                • Hello Shubham,

                  I would remind you to try and stay calm as your Tx team investigates this issue. It is NOT your "job" to micro-manage all of your numbers. No one benefits from extra stress and your team will tell you if there is anything you need to do. May this issue resolve soon.

                  The link below explains the test.

                  Microalbumin test explained - Mayo Clinic

                  Microalbumin test - Mayo Clinic
                  How healthy are your kidneys? This simple urine test can detect early signs of kidney damage, which could help prevent or delay serious kidney diseas…
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