Blood pressure after kidney transplant

Hi All,

Hope everyone is doing good. I am 3 years post-transplant and recent blood work results were good. I am checking my blood pressure twice a day(once in the morning 9 am and night 8pm) and it fluctuates a lot. My morning BP shows 137/98 while night 8pm shows 122/81 . I gained a lot of weight post-transplant ( was around 74kg and now 81kg) . I take 10mg Apoamlodopine at 10pm.

Does anyone experienced this kind of situation. I do exercises and physical activities and take less sodium (sometimes I take salty foods). 

Also, could you please advise if I have to consult my tx team? or just explain my situation to the family doctor on this? 

Thank you very much!

Stay safe n eat healthy



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  • Salt and all forms of sodium are difficult to quit and cause water retention, high blood pressure, and other ill effects. It takes a good while to lose the taste for it, but you will live longer and better without it. There are substitutes, like adding lemon to mimic the taste in some foods. Salt and sugar are hidden in many processed foods, so you may not know when you are ingesting them. Pay attention to ingredient labels. You need fluids to flush out sodium so stay hydrated. Oh, by the way, stress (like checking BP 2x/day) can elevate your BP, so try to limit that as well. Good luck

    • Thank you very much, Kidneyboy. I will reduce the sodium intake and processed food.

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