• I run and stuff and planning on playing soccer just take it easy i started running and my knee bones started hurting idk if thats normal because i had been inactive for 2 years after playing soccer for like 17 years ... im 22 now ... but yea just take it easy and gradually increase weight lifting is out of the question for me because of my fistula 

  • YES I do!  I practice body building, yoga and of course cardio (eliptical and running on treadmill)

  • Hi,

    You should discuss any exercise plans with your Tx team, who knows you best.  Most recipients have weigh restriction post surgery, which are short lived, however guarding against raising your blood pressure too high should be a concern.  Staying active and exercising is never bad, just keep your Tx team "in the loop" and aware of any problems that arise. 

    • I have been doing workout for last 1 year... I have no problem...
  •  4 to 5 days a week ...

    • Do u take any protein supplement David??
      • He may or may not, but I use whey protein. Other than that, I eat healthy, limiting sodium to <1,500 mg and saturated fat to <20 g.

        • Hey, cisco whey protein contains glutamine.Does it effect on our immune system?
        • Does whey protein affect your creatinine level??
          • No. Just make sure that you drink plenty of water. I have had no problems.

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