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Bowel surgery

So I had a kidney and pancreas transplant on January 21st of this year. On the 10th of April I had severe abdominal pain and went into the hospital and they found that they needed to do exploratory surgery because there was an issue with my bowels. They found that my bowel was twisted so they corrected that issue during surgery and I wanted to know if this is common to happen after a transplant? This recovery has been slower than the transplant recovery even though I was only a little over two months after transplant. It's been pretty hard and now I'm worried that I could have more bowel problems in the future.

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  • Thanks for the replies!! I feel a little better
  • Try to stay positive . Give your worries to God.
    Sending prayers and friendship.
  • About 3-month post liver TX, I had a similar experience.  While out shopping with the wife, I started with some discomfort, then throwing up, then dry heaves, then REALLY painful abdominal cramps.  I was near crying to passing out.  There was no relief!

    Wife called my Coordinator who said "get here now".  1 1/2 hours later I was there.  

    They gave me a pretty decent sedative or muscle relaxer.  The diagnosis was a kink in the intestine.  Nothing was getting through until it got fixed.  The answer was for me to lay around in a hospital room for 3-days until the kink worked itself out.  It did.  Otherwise it was surgery.  They never said what causes it, but I figure they must push and pull everything out of place while they have us on the table and it like rolling up a cheap garden hose:  sometimes they kink!

    Docs said the odds of it happening the first time was 10%.  Odds of repeat was 10%.  Lucky us, we're in the top 10% !!!!!  

    I think your odds of not having a repeat are good.  Don't dwell on it.  Live the life you got back and keep a happy face.  The world needs more happy pretty faces like yours!   

  • Heather, you're so blessed to have received both transplants!
    It's a complicated & serious procedure, so it's possible to have some complications that may be related to the transplant procedure or the problem with your bowel was already there. It got taken care of I would not stress & worry about having any more serious problems in the future, which may never happen. Be greatful, stay possitive, & remember that we're slower to heal & recover because of our decreased immunity. Relax & enjoy your 2nd chance to live. God Bless you!
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