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I hope everyone is well and staying safe!

I had a kidney transplant May 12, 1994 and have done well, with exception of some road blocks which I was able to manage  "thank God" .

I have been on Brand name immunosupressants since day 1. I currently take Cellcept and Neoral as well as prednisone as my main meds.

I work full-time and thankfully have employer insurance. However,  my copays are getting higher. We are managing but I have been thinking about possibly changing to Generics.

I'm scared though as I don't want to take a chance in causing issues with my health or kidney.

Has anyone switched from Cellcept and Neoral Brand names to their generics?

If so, did you have any issues and what were they?

I really appreciate any information you have to share.

Thank you, Tina


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  • I changed from brand to generic Cellcept and Prograf six years ago.  I had no changes, but my labs were monitored more closely for the first couple of months.


  • First, congratulations on living successfully and maintaining your good health. I have been switched to generic medications, long ago, and do not notice any differences. If you are to be switched, remember to record and report any issues directly to your Tx team. While it is doubtful you will experience any issues, everyone is different, as is their reaction to changes. I wish you continued good health!

  • I am sure someone can speak to those specifically.  I switched to generic Tacro and buy from a mail order pharmacy which makes it cheaper than insurance.

    No difference for me.  From my years in medical marketing there should be zero difference but I know some people do respond differently.

    Check with your team of course.  Hopefully someone else will have more specific experience.


    Good luck.

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