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I would appreciate it if anyone who has experience with a bronchoscopy would be willing to share anything you think I might need to know as I am going to have my first one next Friday. I have to undergo one because of the problem of a persistent pneumonia which several different antibiotics have not been successful in wiping out. I first noticed a wet cough around last Christmas, and it has since remained with me, except for a few days respite at one point. Depending on what the bronchoscopy shows, the pneumonia might be able to be treated with a steroid, but the pulmonologist I saw today also said it is possible that the pneumonia has been in there long enough that it may form a permanent scar. I am not sure why I was not sent to a pulmonologist earlier. I have not really had much lung trouble before. I think it hurts me a bit that my transplant doctor is in another state because my type of transplant (six organ transplant of liver, spleen, stomach, pancreas, small and large intestines) has not been done before in my home state. Anyway, I am very thankful to anyone who is willing to share about what a bronchoscopy is like. Best of wishes to all.

Warm regards,

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  • I am 6 years post double lung transplant had many many Broncs no big deal just remember you cannot drive yourself home afterwords. Some results will be explained as soon as bronc is done others may take week or so ( viruses, bacterial )

    They Put pic line in arm or hand, give you a shot in the butt, couple of pills then put you in Lala land just before bronc
  • Hi Bobbiejo

    Having Cystic Fibrosis throughout my childhood until the age of 36, I dealt with very thick mucus and coughing it out was the most important aspect of my daily existence. Taking antibiotics from time to time helped.  Several times per day, I had to inhale medication and had several clapping sessions around my back and chest to help dislodge very thick mucus.  I do believe your chest will clear up eventually with the right medication along with exercise.

    Here is a video on how to practice the huff cough.

     I would drink as many liquids as you can throughout the day as this will help you loosen the mucus so you can expel it.

    Did your doctors tell you about holding a pillow to help assist with your coughing?

    LOVE and hugs


  • Hi Bobbiejo

    I have been thinking about you all week- did you have your Bronch today?

    Wishing you the best!

    • Yes, I had the Bronch as scheduled. It was not too bad. They sprayed my throat too. I could see why you might not like having that done, but it did not bother me too much. The anesthesia did leave me a little tired and loopy for awhile, but some rest has helped. The doctor told my parents that my lungs had lots going on: an active infection with mucus and pus. I have been put on one antibiotic for the moment, but this could change when the results from the biopsies are revealed. It looks like this antibiotic, which I have been put on before, may at least help prevent the fever I had experienced the last two days and which was not present today, the day after I took the first of this course of antibiotics. I appreciate all the encouragement you have rendered me. May you have a splendid weekend!  

      Warm regards,


  • Hey Bobbiejo, I have had more than a few bronchoscopies with no allergies to the medications.  They prep you, you go to sleep & have a recovery period after the 15 minute or so procedure.  It's really nothing to be concerned about.  I'm sure you'll feel better afterward.

    • Thank you for the reassurance. I almost thought I would have to cancel it because I developed a fever yesterday and this evening although a dose of acetaminophen has brought it down both times. She still wants it done, and I hope it will provide further clues about my persistent pneumonia. Hearing from you makes me feel better about it. I hope you are doing well, and I wish you blessings without end.

      Warm regards,


  • Here is a video for you

  • Hi again

    If you have fluid in your lungs and cannot get it out then a Bronchoscopy will greatly help.  I remember when I was in the ICU I asked my doctors for a Bronch and every single time I felt better afterward.  

    I just do not like to do them unless I absolutely need it.

  • Hi Bobbiejo

    I have had my fair share of this procedure and I do not like them one bit they do prove to a valuable diagnostic method.

    Did you get another opinion if this is the best option for you. Did you ask about the risks? 

    What if they find some scar tissue? What does your xray show? Did you have a CTscan yet?

    You have been through so much it is difficult for me to say one way or another what I would do in your situation. 

    I have gone against medical advice and was not disappointed with my choice.

    We all need to make up our minds but it does not hurt to get another opinion.

    You went through a lot with your incision that did not properly heal, it is no wonder the stress your body had to go through that getting a bad cough would probably have occurred in many other people who followed a similar medical path to you.

    Is this Pulmo doc affiliated with a top medical center? Do you like this doctor?

    • Thank you for your concern. The pulmonologist is associated with the two major hospitals of my city and has more than twenty years of practice and has done many bronchoscopies in the past. I am not sure if my insurance would cover a second opinion, and plus, this pneumonia has already been going on for almost eight months. It sounds like the longer the inaction, the less possibility it can be treated. My pcp is stumped at what else to do because several courses of different antibiotics did not work. I have had quite a few x-rays and one CT scan of the chest which all showed pneumonia remaining in my lungs. Sometimes an improvement was seen but my lungs have not been cleared out of the pneumonia. May I ask what it is you dislike about the bronchoscopy? I greatly appreciate you responding. May you have a splendid weekend.

      Warm regards,


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