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Burning with urination

As a kidney patient, I've had my fair share of urinary tract infections. However, since I had my transplant surgery in April 2018, I've had increasingly frequent bouts of burning with urination. All of the symptoms of a UTI but the tests (2 of them) showed bacteria in the urine but nothing grew in the lab. However, now it's gotten to the point where it happens several times a week. I'll have urgency, then very little urine, burning and that heavy aching feeling, along with chills. I take the Phenazopyridine hydrochloride tablets (AZO or something similar) that numbs everything for about 24 hours, then I'll have maybe 2 days before it all starts over again. I have an appointment with the transplant clinic at the end of the month and I know if I call now, they'll just send me for a urine test and it most likely will be negative again. I was just wondering if if anyone else has dealt with this after a kidney transplant? Could it be a side effect of one of the immunosuppressants? I take myfortic and tacrolimus twice a day. Thank you! 

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  • I have my kidney transplant going on 3 years now, and during the first year I had many episodes of burning and also a number of actual UTIs.  Finally my team sent me to an immunologist who prescribed Methenamine hippurate 1 gm tablet taken with one 1000 gm vitamin tablet washed down with a good size dose of water.  I was taking that on a trial basis for 6 months, and then given the option to continue, or try without it.  I chose to continue, and have not had any UTIs since then.  I understand this works as an anti-infective and preventitive.   I see the immunologist once a year, and he has many transplant patients who have also had success with this treatment.  May not work for everyone, but it might be worth mentioning to your transplant team to see what they think.  Good Luck, and hope you get some answers.  Wish you well, and feel better soon!  I know how bad those symptoms can be.  They can make your life miserable, to say the least.  Good Luck! 

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