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Calcium supplements

I got an email today from Medscape, providing links to various new studies investigating whether or not calcium supplements can increase cardiovascular mortality. There seems to be a correlation between taking high dosages of calcium supplements and being male with higher mortality rates from MI.  It makes sense; we renal patients know the risks of high calcium!   I'd post the links here, but you have to register, although maybe you can log on via Facebook, so I'll post the link and see if any of you can access it.

I plan to talk to my tx neph about this the next time I see this.  I take Calcium 600 twice a day.  My diet is good in that I happen to like foods that are high in calcium.  I've recently had a bone scan, and I am not osteoporotic.  I realize that renal disease and tx drugs over time can cause decreased bone density, so I understand we are a special population and should not take advice given to the general populace with more than a grain of salt, but I would be interested if any of you have any thoughts on the subject.




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  • Hi Moose Mom

    Sorry I am late in responding -  Yes two years ago I saw this on the Dr. Oz show.  I take a low dose calcium supplement along with magnesium and vitamin D.  For years I was told by a nutritionist to watch the calcium. 

    Thank you so much for Sharing!

  • When I was transplanted, I was on oscal 2 times a day because I had osteopenia because of the prednisone. One my blood work revealed that my calcium levels were great, my doctor told me to take it once a day and its been that was for several years.
    • I just saw my doctor last week for something else, and she told me about these studies. She described it as a :"controversy" about calcium supplements and advised that I stop taking Calcium (I had been taking Citracal Plus Vitamin D) and instead take plain Vitamin D and get my calcium from food.


      I also take a One a Day WOmens multivitamin, which she said to continue. I have mild osteopenia in my femoral neck but normal bone density elsewhere.

  • I had heard about this. I take a calcium citrate plus vitamin D twice daily because I know I do have some osteoporosis in my spine and osteopenia in my thigh, at least according to a bone scan I had almost two years ago. I plan to have one scheduled soon to see if there has been any changes. It can be somewhat hard for me to get in the proper nutrition due to delayed gastric emptying although the g-tube feeding formula I get at night is full of vitamins and minerals. I have wondered if I should be concerned about this or not. I am curious too as to what others think. My doctors know I am taking the supplement and have not said anything although I have not directly asked. As well, I know I am not the average person that the article may be considering as its main audience due to health issuses.

    • Exactly...these studies have not been performed on renal patients.  We have more complicated needs.  I'm sure the tx neph will tell me what I already know, that renal insufficiency and prolonged use of steroids make the use of calcium supplements necessary.  Still, it's worth asking about.

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