Calcium supplements after X-Plant

Good Day folksI am One year and two months post transplant now and along with my regular meds I am taking 1250 mg of calcium carbonate twice daily. I certainly don't question my doctors but that seems a little on the high side according to what I have been reading On line. I would like to get some feedback from other transplant patients to see how much calcium supplements You folks are taking.ThanksWalt

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  • I too was put on Os-Cal +D post TX.  At the time I was on prednisone.  After a year or so I was taken off prednisone.  I asked about stop taking Os-Cal +D, was told by several TX nurses they did not know why I was oh it, and was told to just keep taking it.  I read up on it, and none of th eother meds I take deplete calcium.  Spoke with my PCP Doc and I have cut my Os-Cal +D in half for a year and will retake my bone scan in August.  If there is no change I'll cut it half again. 

  • Hi Walt,

    A good Tx recipient is an informed one. It is okay to "question" your doctors to understand directions. You may require a temporary high dose because of blood work results or a deficiency.  Keep in mind, bone density can become an issue with prolonged Prednisone use. In all cases, asking questions is better than guessing, so ask away at your next Dr. appointment.

  • I take 500 mg calcium citrate because I need to balance the 500 mg of strontium I take (for osteopenia) with an equal amount - or more - calcium.  1250mg twice a day seems like alot.  Why are you taking that much?  Do you have a condition which requires that much calcium?  My nephrologist is concerned about a high blood calcium level damaging blood vessels in the kidney.  I hope you're having your calcium level monitored...

  • I take 600 mg of calcium daily.  My calcium has been in the normal range for years.  I am 12+ years post transplant.  My doctor recommends a bone density study every two years because of the meds.


  • My calcium level is running between 10.0 and 10.9 which is high. My PTH is 114 (high) and Vitamin D level is low 17.9.  My local nephrologist put me on hold for both calcium and vitamin D because my PTH is high.  But my endocrinolgist told me to take 5000 units of Vitamin D. Now I am totally confused what to do. 

    • I suggest taking 5,000 IU of Vitamin D until your level is at least 40. Vitamin D is necessary for every cell in your body, and 17.9 is terrible!   Since you have osteoporosis, Vitamin D is even more important for you, as it helps to force the calcium from your blood into your bones where it belongs.  Currently your calcium level is so high because it is being leached OUT of your bones and into your blood and arteries (as calcium deposits).  You might want to be pro-active here, as most docs know very little about nutrition and "leading edge" recommendations.

      Low Vitamin D can actually CAUSE high PTH.  "Low 25(OH)D status leads to reduced efficiency in intestinal calcium absorption, and the body reacts by increasing the secretion of parathyroid hormone (PTH) [7]. Especially in elderly people, increased serum PTH concentration can cause bone turnover and bone loss, defects in mineralization, and increased risk of fractures ..."  from this article:


      Vitamin D Status and Its Association with Parathyroid Hormone Concentration in Brazilians
      Vitamins are organic compounds that play a vital role in the control of metabolic processes. The D complex is considered a nutrient with a hormonal a…
  • I take calcium Gummies with Vitamin D 2x a day. The doctors told me that would be sufficient.
    They have not told me to stop; however, my calcium is a little on the low side even with that.
  • Zero ..  nadda   none ....  I  took calcium  for  the frist few months after txplnt  

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