I can't find any information about this. I've had two kidney transplants and would love to donate an organ to someone, part of my lung or liver. Aside from long-standing anemia and some kidney issues (not disease per se but fluctuating GFR), I'm technically healthy in every other area. I'm assuming both these would prevent me from donating (though I don't really understand why; I've had surgery while anemic before and donating parts of other healthy organs presumably wouldn't affect my kidney) but I'd like to look into it anyway. Any info appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Many years ago, I was a frequent blood donor.  Every six months, I donated.  After I was diagnosed with fsgs, I was put on bp meds.  At this point, I had not donated in several years (I had been pregnant, then diagnosed), but when I came across a blood donation portable clinic, I asked if I could donate but was rejected because of the bp meds.

    All these many years later, I am still registered as a donor but probably would be rejected for the same reason.

  • My doctor responded with this: "As a transplant patient we would not be able to clear you as a donor for other organs as anything that can put your health at risk would be a risk to your kidney.  An elective organ donation is a big surgery and removing vital organs in someone who already has another organ transplant is not recommended."

    Makes sense. Feeling disappointed though. 

  • I was thinking the same thing. If i could be a doner if i passed away. Just something I recently was thinking.
  • How wonderful you would think about donating however, because any surgery would represent a higher risk of contracting an infection, I would think such a donation would be frowned upon by your Tx team.  There is little published about this so perhaps you might ask your Tx team if you could be considered as an " at risk donor."

    recycleing organs +

  • I don’t think so because of all Meds we are on
    • Why though, if the meds haven't caused organ damage? The recipient will have to take those meds anyway. I've written my doctor an email about this, will update when I hear back from her. 

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