Can rhinoplasty give permanent results?

I am the father of a 16-year-old boy. My son is facing much harassment because his nose is not symmetrical with his face. Hence, he is very disappointed. Recently I came to know about a clinic that does rhinoplasty in Mississauga but I don't know more about that clinic. Did anyone know about this clinic? I also doubt that a 16-year-old boy can do rhinoplasty at this age. Can rhinoplasty give permanent results? Is there any age limit to do rhinoplasty? What are the side effects? Is it painful? Kindly share your views.

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  • Looks like you are in Ontario, Canada.  Certainly there are surgeons there who will do a consultation for free.  Don't let the cost be the most important factor.  There's a plastic surgery TV show here in the U.S. called "Botched".  As you can imagine, the surgeons (in Los Angeles) re-do and fix many a botched nose job.  You should do as much research as you can, and get referrals from people you know if possible.  You can even ask his primary care physician what he/she would suggest for your son.  If it's done right the first time, he won't have to do it again!  But the fact that he's still growing is a complication for sure.

  • I have lived in the Los Angeles area (no longer there).  Trust me, there are plenty of 15 - 16 year olds getting all sorts of cosmetic surgery done in L.A..  Is it recommended?  No.  But they get it done as long as one of the parents approve (and pay).  

    You can certainly go and check with legitimate cosmetic surgeons in your area and see what they say.  They may not want to do it because boys/men's noses grow slowly up to around 19 years old.  But if the shape of his nose is causing him lots of grief, it wouldn't hurt for you to perhaps get a consultation.  Just whatever you do, do not go to Tijuana because it's so cheap.  Tijuana is a big no!

    Do you have YELP in Canada?  Maybe there are reviews on there about this clinic.

    • Thank you for your valuable information

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