Cannabis use - Kidney Transplant

Does anyone have any information on Cannabis use while taking immunosuppressants?  I think it would be very good for anxiety as long as it would not interfere with the drugs.  I am on Myfortic and Cyclosporine.

Many thanks for any knowledge you have.

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  • Hi Bettylou,

    I am just over 3 years post liver transplant. I am truly blessed and have been very fortunite with my recovery so far. I use cannibus and have for about the past 18 months. It does help with stress / anxiety and neurotopic nerve pain that I have caused by the TAC and general life. My transplant team is very non-commital on approval of cannibus usage (to many unkowns). They do however agree that if it does help my symptoms and most importantly does not effect my labs and helps my quality of life (which it does) they are ok with it. The only abnormalities they have seen was that my TAC level went up so they decreased the amount of TAC that I take daily. The cannibus also helps wtih my hand tremors and hip pain. A very slight increase in billirubin was also detected but it went back down and was diagnosed as most likely caused by stress. I was under an imense amount of stress at the time. I was also recently approved for a medical marajuana card which is required by the state I live in. I did ask transplant about ediables as they seem like they could cause more stress as a solid being processed through the digestive system. I was told the cheesburger and french fries I was going to have for lunch would do more damage to your liver than eidble cannibus. My wife who was always against cannibus thinks it is a godsend as it has had very positive effects on my mobility and more importanltly mood and general well being. Please mind you I do not use it all the time, just when needed and as a sleep aid. You will also want to be sure that it from a dispensery so that there is no mold wich can be very bad. They even showed me what to look for as some street pot can be moldy. Most importantly be sure your transplant team knows what is going on. I waited a full year before even thinking about taking anyting including tea as I was scared as hell !

    PS My qualifying cannibus doctor was also involved in liver transplant surgery and he assisted on 16 liver transplant surgeries himself. Go figure..


    Good Luck and Feel Well

    Tom S

  • UCSF was my transplant hospital. My team advised against vaping or smoking Cannabis because of the fungus; however, ingesting (edibles or tincture) was ok by them. I ingest because it helps me sleep. Myfortic and Tac keep me awake with insomnia, I mean WIDE awake! Benadryl (25 mg) and Melatonin (3 mg) help somewhat but THC is a blessing for sleep. I take it 60-90 minutes before I want to sleep. Good luck. 

  • I know some tx centers advise against it due to the possibilities of fungus in the Cannabis products. I've never used it post transplant so have no experience and haven't asked my center.

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