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CBD oils tackling cancer after kidney transplant

hi guys,

I have joined this group on behalf of my sister who had a kidney transplant 5 years ago, it’s been a struggle but got through it, she was diagnosed with secondary bowel cancer, still unable to determine the primary but are 80% sure it’s breast, she is deteriorating very quickly.

I have heard a lot of good stories regarding CBD oils and how it can help in stemming of the spread of cancer, has anyone been in this same situation and used the oils?

I have spoken to CBD international who have advised me that one side effect to the treatment is a boost in immune system which could long term result in rejection of the kidney.


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  • Like KB said speaking with Tx team but much of CBD is anecdotal  information at the moment.  It works for some for pain, not me unfortunately as I have chronic pain, so whenther it boosts the immune system enough, or at all, is still in question - especially for us.  My body responds to meds/cbd very differently being on Immuno.

    Whether it stems the spread of cancer is another story but very popular in the Oncology segmrnt for a lot of reasons.  There are a number of people here who use it regularly.  I have as well off and on just to keep trying to see if it will help pain.  This information too is anecdotal but hopefully helpful.  

    • All advise is helpful from as many people as possible to try to assess if it is a way forward, thank you for your opinion it is greatly appreciated 

  • There are varying opinions out there about the efficacy of CBD oil and cannabinoids with regard to transplantation. With the most recent report suggesting these are beneficial to recipients warding off rejection, it is unlikely you would find harshly negative opinions from her Tx team, who IS the authority you should be seeking advice from, as they know her total health condition the best. At the very least, you should discuss your plans, before undertaking any new treatment. I do hope you find answers and successful options for a speedy recovery for your sister.

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