Celebrating 5 post renal transplant

I am happy to share this that today I am celebrating 5 years journey of my kidney transplant. I am happy to share this with you all. 
Life has been pretty good post tx. Loving every moment of it. 
I would like to hear your ideas of celebrating this  day? I have no plans as of now. Just work but may be in the evening I would think of something with my family. 
Thank you guys for sharing your experiences. This forum has really helped in terms of getting answers for my queries as well as reading your experiences. That keeps me inspired. 

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  • Congrats on 5!!

  • Congratulations Priyanka! I find that I celebrate such milestones more than the day of my birth, as time advances. I pray that you will continue to set new marks in good health for many, many more years.

    • Thank you KB.. Your wishes means a lot to me.. 

  • Congratulations! I'm delighted that you are doing so well. On my anniversary, I like to set aside some time to say a special prayer for my donor family and also list many of the reasons I have to be grateful to be alive with my family doing the same and sharing. I hope you have a lovely day with many more happy anniversaries awaiting you in the future.  

    Warm regards,

    • Thank you so much.. that's what I did.. sending messages to my entire transplant team. and a few sweets for my mom as I couldn't meet her. She gave me this precious gift of life.. and have been inspiring me always. It feels so good to reach a milestone. Thank you for your wishes :)

  • Congratulations ... 

    • Thanx a ton.. means a lot

  • Congratulations! Life is a precious gift that we have all learnt to value more. Keep up the spirits and all the best for the future.

    • Indeed.. can never be grateful enough.. Thnax a ton for your wishes

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