just had my annual, been four years august 3 . everything came back great. 0 rejection for the biosy. now waiting to get on the kidney transplant list.

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  • Awesome Frank !  hope your kidney issues are a short one ...

  • Hi Frank,

    Great news!!  I have to agree with Cora...a kidney Tx is a quicker recovery.  I hope you get one soon!

  • I am very HAPPY for YOU!!

  • Yippee!!! Yahoo!!! Hurray!!! About the biopsy results of course, not the kidney stuff.

    I suspect that you  are probably not feeling so hot what with kidney issues going on. From what I understand, if all goes well, a kidney transplant is easier to recover from than a heart or lung transplant. Only soft tissue involved and only 3 connections (artery in, vein out, and bladder connection). 

    So wish you the best of luck on the kidney stuff.

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