Hi, This is my 5th year after Transplant .

Not sure why my Creatine level have spike from  (100-150) pass 5 years to 240 within 2 months. It may be Chorince rejection then Acute. can anyone share their experince on how to managed this and kind of medications given. currently my Insuranc will not cover anything related to my Kidney so need to depand on Goverment Hoispital which base on my experince are not that efficent on Kidney transplant Treatment.

Hope to hear some news. 


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  • In my two decades of living with a Tx, I must confess I have never heard of, nor able to find information on a Chorince (perhaps you mean chronic) rejection. I can tell you how the investigation will proceed with an acute rejection episode. Blood work will shed some light on an issue and if further investigation is required, perhaps a biopsy would be in order. I believe you should contact your nearest Tx center and explain your situation and ask for assistance. I do not believe any hospital would turn you away if you are in acute rejection, insurance, or not. Knowing is always better than guessing and it all starts with blood work. Make the call.

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