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Chronic itching

Hi All   I  haven't written on here in over a year. I wish I had kept up with what has been going on. I'm writing now because I have something I have been concerned about in my life. I have thought about writing on here about this before. But just haven't done It. I have been dealing with chronic itching because of all the medicines  that I have been   on     sense  1989. That  was my first kidney transplants and I had a 2nd in 1998.  Back to the itching I have been dealing with chronic itching for several years. I have seen 3 different doctors and non of them have been able to come up with anything that will work . I have tried everything and nothing works. I 'm so frustrated and up set about this . I haven't been able to get any sleep at night in years. The itching  starts     shortly after I go to bed.  I have been taking sleeping pills sense 9/16 . The pills    help a little but not enough . I get veery up set   when this happens and I start make noise . Hopping no one hears me.  I get very very stressed out by all of this. I 'm woken up every morning by this chronic itching . I have  spent an hour or more after I get up scratching  and this also happens in the middle of the night too. I have had a lot of days lately were I don't want to get out of bed. I know the later in the day I get cleaned up for the day and put stuff on my skin the wore my skin get . I know I need to get up even when it is real bad and that is so hard for me to do . This has been and is routing my life. I can't keep functioning like this. I know that I will have to live this way the rest of my life and I can't do this anymore without  going crazy. I am afraid of getting  infection   and ending up in     the hospital  . It happens    to me once before  years ago . I had scratched    my left had so badly I had gotten an infection. It turned out to be cellulitis and I was put on IV antibiotics. I was in the hospital about four days. I am'm also concerned that something   wore then an infection . I 'm not sure what but this chronic  itching   really scares  me a lot. All this chronic itching wheres me out  and I have very little energy  and I'm exhusting.  I    can deal with this. I also have a lot  of other heath  issues . It just never seems to end with  me . I have also had a lot of surgeries in my life. I can't be the only person that has this problem with chronic    itching. If anyone  has any suggestions    please let me . I'm at my wits end.                                     

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  • Hi Julie, I have found my itching to have 3 different causes, 1. dry skin 2. Nervous system related (these medicines harm our nervous system) and 3. high BUN.  When I keep my meat protein levels low, I have little to no itching.   Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) results from the liver's metabolization of protein (mainly meat protein).  A dermatologist mentioned that to me years ago and for me, keeping my protein intake low, prevents the itching to a great degree.  Dairy foods and eggs don't metabolize the same so they do not itching with me as does muscle meat, seafood, poultry, etc.  

  • I have used "Doggie Odor Gone" (see it at or google it) to soothe itching from poison ivy, you just apply it to your skin. It's supposed to be completely natural product..whatever that means.. I think is water and vegetable enzymes. Let me be very clear I used to apply it on my skin NOT DRINK IT, however if you have a dog you can add it to the water he drinks to eliminate his odor.

  • Hey, Julie, I have discovered a couple of reasons for chronic itching. You could be eating too much protein or phosphorus.  High phosphorus foods include milk, cheese, ice cream, nuts, chocolate, beer & dark colas.  You could also moisturize your skin before bedtime.  My last resort suggestion when the scratching is uncontrollable would be to soak 2 handtowels in cool/cold water, wring them out & lay them on the affected areas.  Yes, it is a quick shock to the skin, but effective.  I hope something here helps. 

  • If you have not tried this brand of laundry detergent then you really cannot say for sure that the detergent you have now is not causing the problem.

    I was previously using Seventh Generation and for some reason I found that I was very sensitive to it.

    After a few days of switching to the Honest company Laundry product, my skin cleared up.  I had some itching that I believe was due to a b12 allergy (having too much b12 in my system from many years) and also from using Seventh Generation products and another supposedly safe brand.

    • I do not mean to come across like I know the cause of your problem- I just think if you are suffering then I would try everything possible until you solve the puzzle.  

  • My labs are fine . I changed laundry detergent last year. that did't make a difference . I know it from all the med I take and I take a lot. I even go to a holistic doctor and keep change some of the meds he around to what work. So far everything I have tried does work. It really makes it hard to get through the day and very hard to get anything done.

  • Itching can be a sign of a liver issue.  Are your labs OK?  Specifically bilirubin?  If labs are OK, then it could be an allergy.  Have you tried changing laundry detergent and/or softener?

    • Very true with the laundry detergents.  If you buy the wrong detergent you can be itching and develop what looks like eczema.

      Contact dermatitis is the name I believe. I know I had it when I bought laundry pods. 

      • I changed laundry detergent last year. I do have eczema , dermatitis, and chronic pruritus. I thing that really bothers me the most is that my kidney doctor does even know that itching is a side effect of the meds. I feel that is something very important for him to know. 

  • Try a gluten free diet- cut out the sugar and I bet you will see a big improvement day by day.

    I hope you feel better.

    Look up Calendula oitment

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