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  • I loved this. It helped me today as I'm not feeling very happy. According to my perspective, I was slammed down for telling my truth.. I'm usually a people pleaser and decided after my surgery not to do that anymore but maybe I'm too awkward at this. I managed to alienate several people. My daughter took me through a hypnotherapy session . She has done the cognitive disonance with Teal Swan.
    • So maybe it's time for me to see a therapist.
      • Hi Janice

        If you seek therapy find a good one.  Not all therapist are great but i have found when I want to learn I can still learn when I am open and willing. 

        There are many great books that you can read when practicing new ideas you can improve your life.

        Read "The Untethered Soul" Best seller

        • Ok I will get it. Thank you for sharing. It's been four months since my transplant and want to start my life back up in new ways and one is helping to heal my relationship with my daughters. Since they helped care for me especially one of them, she carries a lot of anger and resentment toward me. I took an over the counter herbal detox cleanse back in march that caused my liver to go into complete liver failure . She cared for me 80% of the time. She goes off on me with such vigilance and anger, it's heartbreaking, in her eyes I'm blind and passive aggressive. So I'm reaching out to help us past this
          • Thank you for sharing!  She is taking out her frustrations on you when in reality is really hurting herself (of course you too) and creating an entirely different albeit similar scenario as if she is taking mental detox pills.

            If they are willing perhaps you all can go for counseling.

            • Good Morning Rise,<br />
              I apologize for responding so late. I appreciate your point of you and am shopping for a good therapist. This is the time to let go of old ways of aproaching life. I am very ready for counseling so , I'm also trying Teal Swan's approach , getting a one on one session with a coach who also has her degree in psychology. This is my new life since Aug. 9 2016 , and I plan on living life from as my authentic self, which means rather than playing the nice card, which stuffs my true feeling , learn to come from a place of authenticity with love and compassion. Holding feelings inside is what causes toxicity in the body. I have two younger daughter's and one older. It is my eldest who is helping me in this situation . My two younger daughters 18 mos. apart who took care of me,which refuse to go to therapy with me but said if I seek counseling and improve than they may see me again. It's harsh, but in this situation I want to resolve this with co counseling . How would one resolve this, they basically don't want to go. This must have been extremely traumatic for them to hold such a harsh opinion. I had a very healthy successful life before this happened...
              • Hi Janice

                So glad to know you saw my note-  life is always complicated and sometimes people feel the best way to cope is to shuffle the dust away so to speak. When they are ready they will go and maybe not to your therapist.  It really does not matter which way you take as long as you feel better and heal.  We can only truly improve our own lives.

                Whenever a problem arises the weak mind blames and points the finger as this is the most easiest route. It takes maturity to step up to the plate and take ownership and change but first by letting go.

                It is constant work even after you achieve a greater level of accomplishment. 

                Some good advice to share is always be a good parent to yourself!

                Much love to you


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