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Cold cuts and Subs

Like many,  much of the foods I once enjoyed taste bad to meme now . I got the warning not to eat cold cuts and undercooked meats . I have two questions about two things I know would be palatable .

I would never eat at a Subway, mainly because they preslice their cold cuts,  and also because their food is of poor quality .Is a deli that slices all meats fresh for each sandwich a safe bet.  

Secondly , there is no way I can eat well done beef.  I know I'll have to give up my medium rare steak,  but has anyone been given information that would suggest a medium steak with warm pink center be OK . talking to people in the beef industry,  I'm told the biggest risk with beef is what grows on the surface while sitting in a retail space. This is why medium rare hamburger is so dangerous .  I'm not trying change the facts,  but I do want the correct information  


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  • I am only 6 months post liver transplant. We were all told to never eat any deli meats as the temperature  they are stored at in the meat counters is low enough for the bacteria lysteria to grow. This can result in food borne illness. The only way I  am allowed to ingest these meats is to heat to 165 degrees. The microwave was recommended as a good source to achieve that. 

  • I eat medium well beef and though my team never discussed it, I don’t eat subs except Cubans that are cooked and have no vegetables. I eat out quite a bit but am aware of raw or food or food that sits for awhile. So far I have only had a couple of colds for a few days each. I am conscientious about using napkins for menus, condiment bottles, etc.. I think we all do our best and try never to get lazy. It’s been four years but I know we I am not bullet proof no matter how many restrictions i put on myself. I do more than most but always take precautions.

  • My hubs was told to avoid deli meat because of the risk of food poisoning associated with cleaning practices (or lack thereof.)  I do buy the pre-packaged turkey and ham for him because I feel like the factory is probably more highly regulated and inspected more often than my local grocery store deli.  Of course, I could be wrong about that, but so far, so good!  

  • I was never talked to by my team about the meat I eat. So depending on how I'm feeling, I eat everything from a medium-rare steak to a medium-well. I don't eat steak that often though, and when I do it's at a nice restaurant with a good reputation so I don't have to worry about how it's been handled.

    I am also extremely careful with my sodium consumption. Almost everything I eat is self-prepared. And so because I'm so careful, I don't worry to much about an occasional deli-ham sandwich (with cheese, mustard, and pickles). Since I take in a sodium bomb like that so rarely, I don't worry too much.

    Check with your team. You need to decide when/where you are going to occasionally bend the rules. We all do it once in a while, so you need to decide what risks you want to take.

  • For beef, I was told medium-well or well.  As for cold cuts, I was not given any information about that.  I stay away from them because of the high salt content. 

    I would recommend asking your doctor directly abut both.  I was given information from members of my transplant team regarding things that really impacted my lifestyle.  Like you, I just wanted to hear facts and confirm.  I asked my doctor directly and three of those items were reversed.  He was able to do that when I explained in more detail.  Worth a try.


  • I do eat some No Salt Turkey from the deli/meat counter off and on (for the last 3 years).  It is sliced in front of me and they were clear about my situation as I made sure slicer is just for deli meat.

    I do not eat out much any longer - I have other factors/micronutrients that I need to watch so the choices do not make sense for me usually.  I am not sure how beef is cooked would impact you regarding Immuno too much as either the meat is bad or not - whether it is cooked through fully or not seems secondary.  TX Team is the go to,

    I am sure like a few here, I eat just about the same things just about all the time.  I found a few basic condoments that fit into my nutritional plan and those are most of my flavor no matter the food.  I also always mention that eating good nutrition is very important.  I use food in some instances vs medication to solve some of my Lab # challenges.  Mindfulness of nutrition - very important.

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