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Colds & pimples problem,anyone???!

hi guys! Its me again.. got colds,actually this was my second time to have it 9 mos.after KT....anyone else here who had catches colds Often?..... is it bad for our new kidney???I have runny nose and sneezing,no fever. And another thing,,, have acne all over my face!!!! Small itchy acne why? Oh why?? I heard prednisone is the it true?

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  • hi i am 6 months post liver/kidney transplants  i have gotten pneumonia in july had to stay in hospital for 7 days but it cleared up.  i also had a cmv virus a few weeks ago that has cleared up also. our immune system is low so its hard not to catch anything at all at first.  i am very careful about who i am around , especially if they have a cold, i wash my hands often and use bleach wipes to clean everything and purell.  i also get a runny nose in the morning and sneezing but no fever.  i think because of our immune system being comprised that it is allergies that bother you more then before.  just tell your transplant team if there are any problems and especially if you get a fever.   carol 

  • 1. You are at your early stage of kidney transplant journey with high dose medications and  weak immune systems. That’s why it’s easy to get cold or flu. I had same issues. I had very bad Acne all over my face and hand, itching too. 

    2. Make sure to visit your family doctors whenever you have cold or flu.  They gave me antibiotics when I had very bad cough and congestions. It took 2-3 weeks to get rid off it.  

    3. A few years ago, when I got cold or flu, I didn’t know to visit family doctor. it took one or two months to get rid off it WITHOUT antibiotics. 

    4. For skin issues, my skin doctor gave me prescribed med. It worked. Please don’t  see PA (physician assistant). See a real doctor. 

    5. Your kidney doctor will lower your  medications over the years. You will have stronger immune system.  Everything will get better. 

    6. Always wash your hands with soaps before eating food. 


    Good luck. 

  • The symptoms maybe due to side effects of the medicines you are using. However, if the flu symptoms persist more than 3 days ,pls see your transplant team. 

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