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Colonoscopy screening? How often

Hi. Checking if anyone has information regarding how often we should be screened for colon CA following kidney transplant. The incidence of cancer is increased when on immunosuppressants, but I can’t find a recommendation. 

Thanks for input,


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  • Hello Jane,

    I am on a transplant waiting list due to detected liver cancer. My doctors want both a colonoscopy and an endoscopy every two years. I believe for males it is every two years anyway to check for possible prostate problems.

  • Me every two years... Polyp's precancer.. The doc removed is up to your doctor how often you go. If you have never had it done ask you doctor to refer you to a colon doc.

  • For me:

    5-10 years unless other factors increase.

    Dermatology 1 to 2 times a year.  

  • The usual screening is every 5 to 10 years after age 50. However, there are multiple reasons for different timing.

    Such as your previous screening wether you had any polyps, your family medical history for colon cancer and you medication regimin. The person best to answer would be the gastroenterologist who did your last one or the transplant provider providing you current care.

  • Mine is 5-10 years because I don’t have any polyps. 

    My husband will have follow up every two years because he had polyps. 

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