• Congrats!!! 

  • Congratulations!

  • Many congrats! Stories like these are an inspiration to those of us with less time in :) May you continue to be blessed with good health for many years to come! 

  • Thanks Everyone.

  •  Congratulations!!!!

  • Congratulations Manoj! It seems like just yesterday I welcomed you to the group. I am so glad you are doing well. May you continue to enjoy life in good health for many, many more celebrations!

  •  Congrats Manoj. Many more anniversary to come :) 

  • Congrats.... keep up the good work. 

  • Congratulations, that is wonderful! I hope that you will have many, many more years of good kidney health ahead of you. May you have a multitude of other blessings to celebrate along the way as well! Thanks for sharing and thus giving encouragment to others.

    Warm regards,

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