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  • What’s the number?

    Mine is around 5.

    • 3.4 was my last count.

      • Sometimes mine is 4. It’s fine as long as 

        1. Your other lab numbers are good

        2. Your GI doctor monitors your lab. 

        As I know some of liver Tx patients have a kidney problems due to the tacro toxicity. Some of them need kidney transplants.   Therefore too much tacro is not good for kidney. 

        Grapefruit and green tea can affect tacro levels too. 

        However, it’s good to be initiated into one’s health and medications. 


        Take care. 

        • Thank you so much .Was just wondering since you mentioned green tea. I drink a lot of ice rea do you think that would have an effect?

          • 1. Everyone is different. 

            2. Green teas or any teas are not affect my lab. I drink  tea with only one tea bag a day. 

            Take care. 

          • Certain dietary supplements, like Green Tea Extracts, can interfere with the digestion and absorption of some of our meds. Drinking Green Tea does not. It is best to ask your Tx team before starting a new activity (diets, exercise,...) or supplement, though I'm sure your Tx team can give you more accurate direction, specific to you.

  • Consult with team on what your target level is - mine is usually around 5-6 which is within the trough they like (3-8) for my docs.

    Also make sure you are diligent about your blood work regarding timing.  11.5 hours post dose is ideal.  I plan my night dose the day before based on when bloodwork scheduled.  I have left if there was a long delay just to try and get around the 12 hour mark.

    I am on Tac (2mg BID) single agent 3 years post liver Tx - Myfotic gave me shingles and over did it - so each level will depend on what other therapies are involved.  Nephrology does not love our immuno but that is also why a kidney diet is beneficial no matter the Tx.


  • I was on monthly labs from my liver transplant for over seven years so that my tacro levels could be monitored closely.  Somewhere near the end of the fifth year, my levels dropped.  I had been on the same dose since 3 months post transplant and my levels were very consistent. 

    Each transplant center has their target levels.  My target level is lower than some, I think because I also take mycophenolate.  If you team is happy and your labs are good , I wouldn't be too concerned.

  • Basically there saying as long as my liver enzymes don’t start fluctuating I’ll be fine. I just was worried because I asked them why am I still on blood work monthly since it’s been 3 years and they said because of the Tx levels they want to monitor closely. I thank you so much for your response.

    • Why do you have to repeat blood work every month? That sounds like a good question o ask your Tx team at your next appointment. I would only be guessing that your team is watching your FK level as well as your liver enzymes to ensure the proper dosage, as Tacrolimus can cause elevated creatinine and damage kidneys if left unchecked.

       Your level has fluctuated somewhat, hence the extra checking. It may be more steady if you adopt a rigid hydration schedule, consuming in excess of two litres/day. Tacrolimus levels are greatly affected by even minimal dehydration and such a schedule would be easy to fit within your lifestyle.

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