Cost of RFT,LFT and CBC lab tests in the US


I wanted to know the cost fir RFT, LFT and CBC in US. I will ne visiting Augusta this month and will need to get my routine tests done every month. Any idea what is the cost for these tests?

Since I am already a renal transplant recipient These tests will not be covered under insuranxe as far as I have been told by my organization. 

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  • Priyanka didn't your company provide health insurance? It should cover your expenses with a copay. Hope you didnt spend much on this. 

    • Hi Mani, 

      They did provide a health insurance for my stay but it doesn’t cover existing preventative check ups. So I had to pay for the routine tests which was around 200$. I am yet to get this month’s routine tests done. How are you doing? 


  • hi friend 

    I am from kashmir 


    CBC ..$2.5



  • To my knowledge, the 2 largest blood testing companies in the US are Sonora Quest and LabCorp.  I use Sonora Quest, and the cost, without insurance, for CBC and CMP (includes liver panel) is $38 USD.  I'm a liver transplant person, so I'm not familiar with RFT, but CMP does include creatinine (in blood) and BUN.  Hope that helps.

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