• I had the updated Covid Vaccine with the flu shot, yesterday. So far, no reaction as with #4 caused me, Let's hope it stays that way!


  • My transplant team wants me to get all the boosters per the CDC guidelines for immunosuppressed people.  I have had 5 shots all together (3 primary and 2 boosters) and am scheduled to get the new updated booster soon. To stay safe, we need to keep getting all boosters. 

    • I  also had 5 shots. But I missed the 5th one and took 6th booster because by the time I went to take  the 5th one, they said the 6th one is already there. 

  • Thank you for understanding my question, I thought of rephrasing my quesion since I didn't get any response. I also had 5 injections. I missed the 5th one. Just today I took the 6th one. I am not understanding for how long we have to take these shots.

  • I've had a total of 5 injections now. The rest of my family is 'all topped up' and (knock on wood) none of us have had covid. My Dad is 90 and I've been transplanted 20 years now. They've kept me safe.

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