Covid-19 - Your Thoughts Please!

We have all been dealing with the ravages of this pandemic, for some time now and I would like to to hear from you about it! Where you have found safety, good routines and practices, recreation, and more. Even if you just want to offer a rant, please let your words be heard. Please reply and inform us how you are fairing. Your input is greatly appreciated.


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  • I have so far been lucky and not affected aside from keeping a rather "low profile". As a relatively recent (just over 1 year) transplant when the pandemic hit I already had a good supply of masks, disinfectants, sanitizers etc.thus avoiding the hoarding/price gouging. I recently retired in 2019 so was allready setup with drugs, insurance, etc. thus did not need to call many on the phone - which became well nigh impossible at one stage.I mostly stay at home fixing the place up and spending time with my dogs which is about what I would be doing anyway. I did plan to travel to a wedding but will not be going now.

  • Cool picture of the Dog under the bed! Is that a Basset? I have two!

    • On line image.....feel free to post your beauties here!

  • I have mostly stayed at home except for doctor's visits and procedures because I have my parents who are in their 60s and 70s to think about as well. I am trying to use the extra time at home to work on more decorative projects that help give me a sense of purpose and a way to reach out to others that does not require one to be face to face. I have also had more time to work on building up my violin skills which I hope will help me improve so that once I can meet with more people, I will be better able to give pleasure rather than pain with my playing. I miss though not getting to meet with my sister, and I think that is what has been hardest for me, but at least I can always talk to her by phone. 

    I wish all safe and well. 

    Warm regards,


    • Our lives changed...and will change again!

  • I live in WA.

    I socialize with my very small group of very close friends/family - about 7 people.  Luckily gym just opened and after checking it out it feels safe and since I have chronic pain from Immuno side effect I need to exercise.  I wear mask/full finger gloves - only about 10-20 people there at a time and it is a huge gym so never close to anyone.

    I use best practices and have been out to eat a handful of times.  Outdoors would be best, walking, etc. but it is quickly becoming rainy/cold season here.

    Oh and personally - I read about politics online if I have a topic I feel important - if not I ignore all of the noise coming from every side.  Much more relaxing.

    All the best.


    • Staying safe and strong is a worthy pass time! 


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