Hi every one

have any of you had the pfizer vaccine yet? and if yes any side effect?

I was told by my nephrologist to have the vaccine, but still a bit worried to have it or not and is it a live vaccine?

wishing you all mery xmass and very happy and better year to come.



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  • Hi!  I'm having the second dose tommorow!! The first one did not affect me at all.. I will keep you posted

     I received kidney three years ago.. yay

  • I received the Moderna one today, so far all is good.

    • Hello Juan Carlos,


      Thanks for letting us know - please update on any symtoms you may have from the vaccine.

      • Hello friends,

        Update on my Moderna COVID-19 vaccine - I am on my 4th day post 1st dose and no side effects other than the usual discomfort on the injection site like it sometimes happen with an intramuscular shot like the flu. Not painful just discomfort. It lasted for half a day and gone the next. No other issues to report. 

      • Absolutely 

  • I just got a letter this last weekend that teh vaccine is approved for Tx patients at UNC where I received mine.  I will be taking it as soon as the Phase1c begins as now they are still in Phase1b for health care people and those over 70 yo..

    I always keep up on flu and pneumonia as well.

  • I had one from Moderna 2 days ago. If you don't go out, or if don't have people contact, you may not need it. I'm working the ER and having many patient's contacts. 

    I have flu shot every year, and pneumonia vaccine every 5 years. The Covid vaccine is similar to those vaccines per National Kidney Foundation. 

    if you have allergy issues, you may need to have precautions. 

    Wish you happy New Year. Wish you health, love and happiness. 

  • I asked my coordinator if I should avail muself of any opportunities to take the vaccine and was told to wait as it has not yet been fully approved for their Tx patients.

  • I thnk that Bobbiejo (below) gave a perfect explanation about the vaccine being a live virus which is not. Regarding taking it or not, in my case, two of my physician's are split on wether I should receive it or not. One said: "sure no worries" but the other was a little more cautious as to recommending it.

    Here are the facts: When the trials were being conducted the transplant/immunocompromissed community was left out to protect the participants due to the many unknowns. Today, as we begin vaccinations, we still do not know any potential side effects for our group. My physician indicated to wait a few weeks and give the opportunity for many more to receive it to see if there are any potentially dangerous side effects that could negatively impact our group. As a Registered Nurse, I want to take this vaccine as soon as I can but I can't ignore that I do agree with waiting a little longer. I have volunteered for the Johns Hopkins study on the vaccine inpact/results on the immunocompromised/transplant population in hopes it can help them help us but I will not rush into it out of desperation. 

    In addition, I placed several calls to coleagues and friends in the medical field (especially transplantation) and they have informed me that they are being cautious and taking a case by case base approach but are not recommending it to all just yet. At the end of the day it is your decision as a patient but I hope that the decision I am making for myself helps you in some way.

    Have a healthy and safe end of 2020 and let's hope for a better 2121.

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  • I do not have the vaccine yet. I am afraid of side effect on my kidney transplant .

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