Hi every one

have any of you had the pfizer vaccine yet? and if yes any side effect?

I was told by my nephrologist to have the vaccine, but still a bit worried to have it or not and is it a live vaccine?

wishing you all mery xmass and very happy and better year to come.



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  • Feeling fine after second shot! Had minimal stomach cramping for 12hrs

    • Interesting, I have not heard about stomach cramping being a side effect. I am glad you are doing good. Thanks for sharing.

  • Since I am in rehab, I qualify to receive the Moderna vaccine this week. I will report any side affects.

  • Hi!  I'm having the second dose tommorow!! The first one did not affect me at all.. I will keep you posted

     I received kidney three years ago.. yay

  • I received the Moderna one today, so far all is good.

    • Hello Juan Carlos,


      Thanks for letting us know - please update on any symtoms you may have from the vaccine.

      • Hello friends,

        Update on my Moderna COVID-19 vaccine - I am on my 4th day post 1st dose and no side effects other than the usual discomfort on the injection site like it sometimes happen with an intramuscular shot like the flu. Not painful just discomfort. It lasted for half a day and gone the next. No other issues to report. 

        • Update on my vaccine.

          I am a couple of days shy or my one month with the 1st vaccine shot, I tested to see if I had any type of antibodies yet and the result was negative. Quite dissapointed as I was expecting at least some sort of immunity but will remain hopeful. 



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