Hi every one

have any of you had the pfizer vaccine yet? and if yes any side effect?

I was told by my nephrologist to have the vaccine, but still a bit worried to have it or not and is it a live vaccine?

wishing you all mery xmass and very happy and better year to come.



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  • Got my first dose of Pfizer vaccination today in denver. No issues so far.

    My transplant center advised getting labs 2 weeks after each shot. As well as the Clinimmune test after the second shot.

    • Hi,

      What is a Clinimune test? (I never heard of it)


      • CLINIMMUNE LABS is a company in Colorado, that performs blood analysis. I imagine this test is like your monthly labs.

        • Ohh yes, didn't realize that it was the company name. The test helps to know the   Levels of class 1 and 2 panel reactive antibodies. I had undergone plasmapherisis prior to my transplant almost 6 years ago. Therefore, my nephrologist keeps a check on these antibodies on a yearly basis.

          • Good to know you are doing good and being well cared for by your team.

            Thank you for responding.


        • Oh! It is the name of the lab company, I thought it was a type of test.

          Thanks for clarifying.


  • Completed Moderno vaccine with no issues

    • Good for you Michael.

  • Had both shots (Pfizer).  Very happy to have and went fine.

    Had zero ill effects - flu shot left more arm pain for me.  Know plenty of nurses who have had to call out sick for a day (up to 3 from those I know) with flu like symptoms.

    My Mother getting Moderna this weekend.  Hoping for the same.

    • Good to hear it went well and I wish the same for your mother.

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